The Wrong Mans. Image shows from L to R: Sam (Mathew Baynton), Phil (James Corden). Copyright: BBC / Hulu
The Wrong Mans

The Wrong Mans

  • TV sitcom / comedy drama
  • BBC Two
  • 2013 - 2014
  • 8 episodes (2 series)

Comedy thriller about a pair of lowly office workers who become embroiled in a deadly criminal conspiracy. Stars Mathew Baynton, James Corden, Sarah Solemani, Tom Basden, Dawn French and more.

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Series 1, Episode 5 - Wanted Mans

With spies shadowing their every move, Sam and Phil bring the danger right to their doorsteps, and suddenly nowhere is safe for our feckless fugitives.

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The Wrong Mans. Image shows from L to R: Phil (James Corden), Sam (Mathew Baynton). Copyright: BBC / Hulu

Sam and Phil take the wounded Marat back to Phil's house where mum Linda proves surprisingly resourceful. But they have spies shadowing their every move, and with MI5's net closing in on them, headed by ballsy Agent Cox and the duplicitous Agent Smoke, just as our two unlikely heroes start to figure out what's afoot, they become high-value fugitives.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 22nd October 2013
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 27th October 2013 10:00pm BBC2
Sunday 27th October 2013 10:30pm BBC2 Scot
Sunday 27th October 2013 11:00pm BBC2 Wales
Sunday 22nd December 2013 12:00am BBC2
Sunday 22nd December 2013 1:00am BBC2 Wales
Sunday 30th November 2014 10:30pm BBC2
Monday 26th January 2015 9:00pm Gold
Sunday 25th October 2015 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 2nd February 2016 2:45am Gold
Wednesday 25th May 2016 2:40am Gold
Wednesday 19th October 2016 2:10am Gold
Tuesday 8th November 2016 2:15am Gold
Thursday 24th August 2023 11:20pm Dave

Cast & crew

Mathew Baynton Sam
James Corden Phil
Sarah Solemani Lizzie
Tom Basden Noel
Dawn French Linda
Rebecca Front Cox
Stephen Campbell Moore Smoke
Paul Cawley Alan
Chandeep Uppal Sabrina
Emilia Fox Scarlett
Jordan Long Len
Guest cast
Alec Utgoff Yuri
Karel Roden Marat Malankovic
John Warnaby Ian Culverson
Oliver Lansley Sumner
Rowena King Wood
Writing team
Mathew Baynton Writer
Tom Basden Writer
Jeremy Dyson Script Editor
Production team
Jim Field Smith Director
Jim Field Smith Producer
Charlie Leech Producer
Mark Freeland Executive Producer
Charlotte Koh Executive Producer
David Webb Editor
Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer
Kevin Sargent Composer


You were gone for ten minutes!

Sam and Phil are on the run with a wounded Marat, but Phil needs to make a quick stop... which takes longer than expected.

Featuring: Mathew Baynton (Sam), James Corden (Phil) & Karel Roden (Marat Malankovic).

Behind-the-Scenes: Episode 5 - Common Threads

Mat and James discuss any common threads The Wrong Mans has with their previous work.

Featuring: Mathew Baynton (Sam) & James Corden (Phil).

Noel's Video Dossier - Episode 5

Noel is focussed on more than just Sam now... he's also looking into Lizzie, Mr Reid, The Triads, a 'fittie' and the misuse of council postal resources.

Featuring: Tom Basden (Noel) & Paul Cawley (Alan).

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