The Royle Family. Image shows from L to R: Denise Royle / Best (Caroline Aherne), Dave Best (Craig Cash), Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson), Antony Royle (Ralf Little)
The Royle Family

The Royle Family

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One / BBC Two
  • 1998 - 2012
  • 25 episodes (3 series)

The Royles are a family of couch potatoes who watch television in their dirty living room whilst chatting, arguing, and drinking copious amounts of tea and alcohol. Stars Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne, Ralf Little, Craig Cash and more.

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Series 1, Episode 3

It's Sunday evening and Nana's been round all day. Whilst Denise has her wedding dress fitted, Dave, Jim and Antony are relegated to the kitchen - but nothing'll stop them watching The Antiques Roadshow.


This episode is sometimes known by the unofficial title Sunday Afternoon.

Broadcast details

Monday 28th September 1998
30 minutes


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Saturday 11th June 2011 12:00am Gold
Friday 5th August 2011 10:00pm Gold
Saturday 6th August 2011 12:40am Gold
Friday 12th August 2011 9:20pm Gold
Saturday 13th August 2011 12:00am Gold
Wednesday 2nd November 2011 9:20pm Gold
Thursday 3rd November 2011 12:00am Gold
Friday 20th January 2012 10:00pm Gold
Monday 21st May 2012 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 22nd May 2012 1:00am Gold
Sunday 3rd June 2012 10:00pm Gold
Wednesday 3rd October 2012 10:20pm Gold
Friday 18th January 2013 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 19th January 2013 1:00am Gold
Sunday 21st April 2013 10:20pm Gold
Monday 22nd April 2013 1:00am Gold
Wednesday 24th July 2013 9:20pm Gold
Thursday 25th July 2013 1:15am Gold
Friday 13th September 2013 12:40am Gold
Friday 13th September 2013 12:40am Gold
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Monday 6th January 2014 10:20pm Gold
Friday 2nd May 2014 10:20pm Gold
Wednesday 6th August 2014 11:00pm Gold
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Sunday 14th September 2014 9:00pm Gold
Monday 15th September 2014 1:10am Gold
Wednesday 14th January 2015 9:00pm Gold
Thursday 15th January 2015 1:35am Gold
Wednesday 15th April 2015 11:20pm Gold
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Thursday 1st October 2015 9:50pm Gold
Friday 2nd October 2015 2:45am Gold
Tuesday 12th January 2016 10:00pm Gold
Monday 4th April 2016 10:50pm Gold
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Thursday 28th April 2016 10:15pm Gold
Wednesday 15th June 2016 9:00pm Gold
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Monday 9th January 2017 10:00pm Gold
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Sunday 20th January 2019 9:20pm Gold
Thursday 25th April 2019 10:40pm Gold
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Wednesday 26th June 2019 10:20pm Gold
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Friday 14th February 2020 9:00pm Gold
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Friday 20th November 2020 9:30pm BBC1
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Wednesday 2nd February 2022 9:10pm Gold
Thursday 3rd February 2022 12:20am Gold
Saturday 9th April 2022 10:00pm Gold
Sunday 10th April 2022 2:30am Gold
Tuesday 10th May 2022 9:40pm Gold
Wednesday 11th May 2022 1:50am Gold
Saturday 4th June 2022 9:40pm Gold
Sunday 5th June 2022 12:15am Gold
Tuesday 2nd August 2022 9:40pm Gold
Wednesday 3rd August 2022 1:55am Gold
Monday 15th August 2022 9:20pm Gold
Tuesday 16th August 2022 1:20am Gold
Friday 26th August 2022 9:20pm Gold
Saturday 27th August 2022 2:00am Gold
Thursday 3rd November 2022 9:20pm Gold
Friday 4th November 2022 2:45am Gold
Saturday 6th May 2023 10:20pm Gold
Sunday 7th May 2023 2:15am Gold
Saturday 8th July 2023 9:40pm Gold
Sunday 9th July 2023 12:20am Gold
Wednesday 26th July 2023 9:20pm Gold
Thursday 27th July 2023 1:40am Gold
Monday 28th August 2023 10:00pm BBC2
Wednesday 6th September 2023 9:00pm Gold
Thursday 7th September 2023 12:00am Gold
Wednesday 22nd May 2024 10:00pm Gold
Thursday 20th June 2024 10:00pm Gold
Friday 21st June 2024 2:00am Gold

Cast & crew

Ricky Tomlinson Jim Royle
Sue Johnston Barbara Royle
Caroline Aherne Denise Royle / Best
Ralf Little Antony Royle
Craig Cash Dave Best
Jessica Hynes (as Jessica Stevenson) Cheryl Carroll
Liz Smith Norma Speakman
Guest cast
Doreen Keogh Mary Carroll (Cheryl's Mum)
Peter Martin Joe Carroll (Cheryl's Dad)
Writing team
Caroline Aherne Writer
Craig Cash Writer
Henry Normal Writer
Ricky Tomlinson Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Mark Mylod Director
Glenn Wilhide Producer
Andy Harries Executive Producer
Tony Cranstoun Editor
Chris Wilkinson Production Designer

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