The Royle Family. Image shows from L to R: Denise Royle / Best (Caroline Aherne), Dave Best (Craig Cash), Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson), Antony Royle (Ralf Little).

The Royle Family

BBC One and BBC Two sitcom about a family. 25 episodes (3 series), 1998 - 2012. Stars Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne, Ralf Little and others.

Series 1, Episode 2 is repeated on Gold on Monday 2nd August at 9:20pm.

Series 1

1. Episode 1

First broadcast: Monday 14th September 1998

It's just 6 weeks until Denise and Dave's wedding day, and Jim's scrutinising the bills closely. Who on Earth has been making phone calls to Aberdeen...?


2. Episode 2

First broadcast: Monday 21st September 1998

It's a boring evening at home and the family are sat in front of the telly as normal. The biggest distractions from the small screen come in the form of a friend with a new car, and Jim's bathroom trip.


3. Episode 3

First broadcast: Monday 28th September 1998

It's Sunday evening and Nana's been round all day. Whilst Denise has her wedding dress fitted, Dave, Jim and Antony are relegated to the kitchen - but nothing'll stop them watching The Antiques Roadshow.


4. Episode 4

First broadcast: Monday 5th October 1998

It's Jim's birthday and the family are preparing to head out to the pub to celebrate. Until then, there's plenty of TV to watch and Antony's newly acquired black eye is ripe for mocking.


5. Episode 5

First broadcast: Monday 12th October 1998

Dave and Denise arrive home late, arguing loudly and threatening to call off the wedding - now just a week away. Soon the whole family are up and smoothing over the cracks of the evening.


6. Episode 6

First broadcast: Monday 19th October 1998

Denise and Dave's wedding day has finally arrived, and the family are busy readying themselves for the ceremony - and drinking - ahead.


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