The Mimic. Martin Hurdle (Terry Mynott). Copyright: Running Bare Pictures
The Mimic

The Mimic

  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 2013 - 2014
  • 11 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom about a seemingly unremarkable man who in fact conceals an exceptional talent for mimicry. Stars Terry Mynott, Jo Hartley, Neil Maskell, Jacob Anderson, Rebecca Gethings and more.

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Series 1, Episode 4

Now acting as his father's manager, Steven sets Martin up with work recording sat nav instructions as celebrities. The session takes an unexpected twist however, and Martin's life really begins to change. There's also big news from Dionne to deal with.

Further details

After a blissful few weeks, Jean's love life comes to a halt as Jesse ends their relationship via a massive card. After pouring her heart out to Martin and Neil, it doesn't take much for her to convince Martin to move back in with her, however, because of the flood damage flood he'll be sleeping on her floor.

Steven's management of Martin's new career, as a voice over artist is in full swing. After last week's successful ringtones session, he's now set up some sat nav voice work for his dad.

In unfamiliar territory Martin finds himself lost when the engineer decides to take a break and leave him to progress with the recordings alone. When Martin realises the script is unfinished, he starts to kill time with an adlibbed multi-character conversation between the voices in his mind. As Martin showcases an impressive display of mimicry, little does he know that he's being filmed on the studio security camera and the subsequent footage is about to change his life.

Martin returns to the secure surroundings of Jean's flat. Apart from his fledging voice career, things are getting back to normal. That is until Neil arrives with some news:

'You've gone fucking vital mate'. In an act of goodwill, the sat nav engineer has posted Martin's voice marathon video on YouTube. Over night the video has had thousands of views. Martin struggles to comprehend his new found fame as 'freaky voice man'.

Encouraged by Steven, Martin hands his notice in at the pharmaceutical company and puts all his faith in his talent. But nervous of the effects of fame Martin takes to wearing ridiculous sunglasses and a hat in the park, much to Jean's amusement.

Later that day whilst playing a spot of golf, Martin is telling Steven about mimicry techniques when he drops the word 'son' into conversation for the first time. Struck by the emotion, Steven opens up and drops the devastating news that Dionne has cancer. In the evening, Martin, Stephen, Jean, Dionne have a dinner arranged at Neil's to celebrate Martin's success. At the celebration Steven also breaks the news that he's received a request for Martin's first TV appearance.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
Channel 4
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 12th May 2013 11:10pm More4
Monday 13th May 2013 2:55am More4

Cast & crew

Terry Mynott Martin Hurdle
Jo Hartley Jean
Neil Maskell Neil
Jacob Anderson Steven
Sharon Duncan-Brewster Dionne
Ami Metcalf Chelsea
Guest cast
Dan Tetsell Mr Stubbs (HR Manager)
Matthew Earley Recording Engineer
Writing team
Matt Morgan Writer
Production team
Kieron Hawkes Director
Jack Bayles Producer
Kieron Hawkes Editor
Hayden Matthews Production Designer
David Mackinnon Composer
Matt Power Composer

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