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The Kevin Bishop Show

Channel 4 sketch show from Kevin Bishop. 13 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 2007 - 2009. Stars Kevin Bishop, Jim Howick, Katie Males, Oliver Maltman and others.

Press Clippings

Kevin Bishop Show to return

There is good news for fans of The Kevin Bishop Show, as it looks like a new series is coming our way.

ITN, 14th March 2010

Among the celebrity couples being predictably skewered tonight are Cheryl and Ashley Cole, Katie and Peter, Phil 'n' Fern, and even Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

You could never accuse this show of being lazy - but as Kevin Bishop's hairstyle changes almost faster than your brain can keep up, the sense of urgency about all these rapid-fire sketches is in danger sometimes of over-riding the sense of comedy.

Still there's plenty in the mix tonight to raise a smile, including Gok Wan, Billie Piper's next project, Diary Of A Call Centre Girl and a news story about transfer deadlines for soap stars featuring a cameo from former Corrie star Bruce Jones.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 28th August 2009

Kevin Bishop spoofs TV, film and more famous faces in another edition of his sketch show. The pace with which these sketches race past the eyes feels like the cat's sat on the remote again, resulting in a high-speed dash through the channels. Fully appreciating the ethos of 'more is more' and that once a punchline's been dropped, it's time to get the heck out, Kevin's comic blunderbuss delivers an enviably high gag-to-sketch ratio. And don't you just love his Brad Pitt?

What's On TV, 7th August 2009

Kevin Bishop is a kind, if hyperactive, lad in real life. The best moments of his show are when he's being rude about stuff we hate: the gurning of Horne and Corden, the stupid Gok Wan rhyming and anglophile Americans. There's also a nice take on Frost/Nixon sequels. Parkinson/Emu, Best/Wogan and Reed/Aspel. The duff moments are his take on House (don't mess with Laurie) and a sketch that's a bit too close to John Thomson's Bernard Righton. We've not seen his Harry Hill yet as it wasn't in this ep, but it better be good. Or else.

TV Bite, 31st July 2009

Return of the hilarious comedy sketch show in which Kevin Bishop takes potshots at Gok Wan and Harry Hill.

Along with two packets of Munchies and a strawberry Nesquik, one of our Friday night treats is this smashing comedy, which flicks between spoofs of TV shows, films and adverts. Somehow, the previous series managed to win nothing at the British Comedy Awards, despite several nominations, and this travesty will hopefully be righted with Kevin's new potshots at the likes of Simon Cowell.

What's On TV, 31st July 2009

This is the perfect sketch show for people with a short attention span or for anyone who is too busy to watch TV or go to the movies. Here are all the shows you meant to get around to watching, brilliantly held up for ridicule by Kevin Bishop and co.

In the opening programme of Kevin's new series, still in the channel-surfing format, he does the dirty on Frost/Nixon and Horne and Corden, offers a genius Gok Wan impression, mocks The Secret Millionaire and (in the blink of an eye) pieces together Michael Jackson: What Really Happened. Plus about a hundred others. You could never accuse this show of not giving you value for money.

And if, like me, you dutifully sat through the entirety of Channel 4's Red Riding series, trying to stay awake on the basis that it was dark and Northern and therefore must be somehow good for you, consider the final sketch tonight to be your just reward.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 31st July 2009

Not for Kevin Bishop the diplomatic approach: his sketch show puts the boot into the foibles of the entertainment industry he's intrinsically a part of. Impersonations - a staple of Bishop's comedy - are pretty thin fare on their own, but this rapid-fire sketch show also hits some worthy targets. In tonight's show, we are shown the tragedy of Derren Brown's cab-driving brother, Darren, see Hugh Laurie's out-takes from House, and - most enjoyably - observe TV comedy's boom-and-bust duo James Corden and Mathew Horne in a remake of On the Buses.

The Guardian, 31st July 2009

We need to talk about Kevin

Despite a fast-growing reputation as a comedy bad boy, Bishop denies that his sketch show, returning for a second series, sets out to deliberately offend.

BBC, 29th July 2009

Kevin Bishop Interview

The Kevin Bishop Show is back next week for another round of television trashing and celeb mocking. This series, Cheryl Cole, Kerry Katona and Stephen Hawking are among the unfortunate elite of celebrity targets being bashed by the Bishop.

Dan French, Digital Spy, 24th July 2009

Kevin Bishop - Perfect comic timing

The Independent shares a doughnut peach and a chat with the star of The Kevin Bishop Show.

Julian Hall, The Independent, 22nd July 2009