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That Mitchell And Webb Look. Image shows from L to R: David Mitchell, Robert Webb. Copyright: BBC
That Mitchell And Webb Look

That Mitchell And Webb Look

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Two
  • 2006 - 2010
  • 24 episodes (4 series)

Sketch series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb in various roles, from tramp-detectives to participants of impossibly difficult maths quizzes. Stars David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman, James Bachman, Paterson Joseph and more.

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Series 1, Episode 5

Includes a chance to swim with, and ultimately get eaten by, a very angry great white shark called Owen, and game show Hole in the Ring.

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Further details

Garden Tribe - Martin is browsing around a garden centre when he is kidnapped by Utapu, leader of the native tribe who live among the ornamental grasses. Will Martin make a new life for himself among the shrubs and water features?

The Corner Shop - a lovely, polite old gent, Hugh is all set to buy a loaf of bread and a Telegraph in John's corner shop when he is overcome by a perishing thirst for some very strong lager. Again.

The Row - David and Olivia play a married couple whose petty rows about affairs and gambling addiction mask a much deeper bitterness about forgetting to shut the fridge door. And then finally the truth comes out - "I'll never see that quiche again, you bastard."

Tongue Brushing - the chief exec of a toothbrush company asks his top ideas man Chas what they can sell next.

Plus - Barry - swim with a Shark; The Snooker Commentators discuss homosexuality; Behind The Scenes - Rob shows David some rather racy holiday photos; The Hole In The Ring part one and two; Numberwang - in German; Small Talk; Behind The Scenes - it's David's birthday and Rob is unsure what to put in the card.

Broadcast details

Thursday 12th October 2006
30 minutes

Cast & crew

David Mitchell Various
Robert Webb Various
Olivia Colman Ensemble Actor
James Bachman Ensemble Actor
Paterson Joseph Ensemble Actor
Abigail Burdess Ensemble Actor
Mark Evans Ensemble Actor
Guest cast
David Cantor Ensemble Actor
Writing team
David Mitchell Writer
Robert Webb Writer
James Bachman Writer (Additional Material)
Mark Evans Writer (Additional Material)
Jesse Armstrong Writer (Additional Material)
Sam Bain Writer (Additional Material)
John Finnemore Writer (Additional Material)
Chris Reddy Writer (Additional Material)
John Morton Script Editor
Production team
David Kerr Director
Gareth Edwards Producer
Kenton Allen Executive Producer
Scott Flyger Editor
Dennis De Groot Production Designer
Richie Webb Composer
Matt Katz Composer


A Lager Beer

Hugh is quite thirsty... he's fooling no one.

Featuring: David Mitchell & Robert Webb.

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