That Mitchell And Webb Look. Image shows from L to R: David Mitchell, Robert Webb. Copyright: BBC.

That Mitchell And Webb Look

BBC Two sketch show. 24 episodes (4 series), 2006 - 2010. Stars David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman, James Bachman, Paterson Joseph, Gus Brown, Abigail Burdess and others.

Cast & Crew

Main cast
David Mitchell Various
Robert Webb Various
Olivia Colman Ensemble Actor (Series 1-2)
James Bachman Ensemble Actor
Paterson Joseph Ensemble Actor (Series 1-2)
Gus Brown Ensemble Actor (Series 1-2)
Abigail Burdess Ensemble Actor (Series 1 & 3-4)
Mark Evans Ensemble Actor
Toby Davies Ensemble Actor (Series 2-4)
Sarah Hadland Ensemble Actor (Series 2-4)
Joanna Neary (as Jo Neary) Ensemble Actor (Series 2)
Writing team
David Mitchell Writer
Robert Webb Writer
James Bachman Writer (Additional Material)
Mark Evans Writer (Additional Material)
Jesse Armstrong Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-3)
Sam Bain Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1 & 3)
John Finnemore Writer (Additional Material)
Chris Reddy Writer (Additional Material)
Toby Davies Writer (Additional Material)
Abigail Burdess Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2 & 4)
Jonathan Dryden-Taylor Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2-4)
Jason Hazeley Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-4)
Joel Morris Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-4)
Keiron Self Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2-4)
Giles New Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2-4)
Simon Kane Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-4)
Tom Meeten Writer (Additional Material) (Series 4)
John Morton Script Editor (Series 1-3)
Production team
David Kerr Director (Series 1-2)
Ben Fuller (as Ben Gosling Fuller) Director (Series 3-4)
Gareth Edwards Producer
Kenton Allen Executive Producer (Series 1-2)
Mark Freeland Executive Producer (Series 3)
Paul Schlesinger Executive Producer (Series 4)
Scott Flyger Editor (Series 1-2)
Pete Drinkwater Editor (Series 3-4)
Dennis De Groot Production Designer
Richie Webb Composer
Matt Katz Composer (Series 1-2)

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