Sykes And A.... Image shows from L to R: Eric (Eric Sykes), Hat (Hattie Jacques). Copyright: BBC
Sykes And A...

Sykes And A...

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1960 - 1965
  • 59 episodes (9 series)

Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques play twins living together at 24 Sebeastapol Terrace. Also features Richard Wattis.

Key cast & crew credits

Eric Sykes Eric
Hattie Jacques Hat
Richard Wattis Charles Brown (Series 1-3)
Writing team
Eric Sykes Writer
Johnny Speight Writer (Series 1)
Production team
Philip Barker Director (Series 2-4 & 8)
Dennis Main Wilson Director (Series 1-3)
Vere Lorrimer Director (Series 5)
Sydney Lotterby Director (Series 5-7)
William G Stewart (as William Stewart) Director (Series 9)
Dennis Main Wilson Producer (Series 1-5)
Sydney Lotterby Producer (Series 5-7)
Philip Barker Producer (Series 8-9)
Geoffrey Botterill (as Geoff Botterill) Editor (Series 5)
Roger Andrews Production Designer (Series 5)
George Djurkovic Production Designer (Series 6-7)
John Wood Production Designer (Series 8)
Alan Hunter-Craig Production Designer (Series 9)
Gordon Franks Composer (Series 2-9)

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