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Spitting Image

Spitting Image

  • TV sketch show
  • BritBox / ITV
  • 1984 - 2021
  • 160 episodes (22 series)

Groundbreaking, long-running and hugely popular satirical sketch show with a cast of grotesque latex puppets. Stars Chris Emmett, Jon Glover, Phil Cool, Jan Ravens, Chris Barrie and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Chris Emmett Various (Voice) (Series 1)
Jon Glover (as John Glover) Various (Voice) (Series 1)
Phil Cool Various (Voice) (Series 2)
Jan Ravens Various (Voice) (Series 2-3)
Jon Glover Various (Voice) (Series 2-5)
Chris Barrie Various (Voice) (Series 2-5)
Harry Enfield Various (Voice) (Series 2-5)
Jessica Martin Various (Voice) (Series 2-5)
Steve Nallon Various (Voice) (Series 2-5 & 21)
Enn Reitel Various (Voice) (Series 2-3)
John Sessions Various (Voice) (Series 3-5)
Billy West Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Debra Stephenson Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Debra Wilson Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Guz Khan Various (Voice) (Series 21)
Indira Varma Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Jess Robinson Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
John DiMaggio Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Lewis Macleod Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Lobo Chan Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Matt Forde Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Phil LaMarr Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Daniel Barker Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Jason Forbes Various (Voice) (Series 21)
George Fouracres Various (Voice) (Series 21)
Luke Kempner Various (Voice) (Series 21-22)
Eshaan Akbar Various (Voice) (Series 22)
Dane Baptiste Various (Voice) (Series 22)
Tom Stourton Various (Voice) (Series 22)
Steve Nallon Various (Series 1)
Anthony Asbury Various (Series 1-2 & 4-5)
Chris Barrie Various (Series 1)
Kevin Bradshaw Various (Series 1-5)
Alistair Fullarton Various (Series 1-5)
Louise Gold Various (Series 1-4)
Terry Lee Various (Series 1-2)
Richard Robinson Various (Series 1 & 4)
Nigel Plaskitt Various (Series 2-5)
Francis Wright Various (Series 2)
Richard Coombs Various (Series 3-5)
Martin Oates Various (Series 3-4)
Martin P. Robinson Various (Series 4)
Writing team
Richard Curtis Writer (Series 1-2)
Geoff Atkinson Writer (Series 1-5)
Jack Docherty (as John Docherty) Writer (Series 1-2 & 4-5)
Ian Hislop Writer (Series 1-5)
Moray Hunter Writer (Series 1-2 & 4-5)
Nick Newman Writer (Series 1-5)
Al Murray Writer (Series 21-22)
Bert Tyler-Moore Writer (Series 21-22)
George Jeffrie Writer (Series 21-22)
Bill Odenkirk Writer (Series 21-22)
Brona C. Titley Writer (Series 21-22)
David X Cohen Writer (Series 21)
Jason Hazeley Writer (Series 21-22)
Nico Tatarowicz Writer (Series 21-22)
Karl Minns Writer (Series 21-22)
Keisha Zollar Writer (Series 21-22)
Laura Major Writer (Series 21-22)
Matt Forde Writer (Series 21-22)
Patric Verrone (as Patric M. Verrone) Writer (Series 21-22)
Rob Grant Writer (Series 5)
Doug Naylor Writer (Series 5)
F. Maxwell Writer (Series 21)
Jeff Westbrook Writer (Series 21-22)
Sarah Isaacson Writer (Series 22)
Sarah Morgan Writer (Series 22)
Megan Neuringer Writer (Series 22)
Matt Stronge Writer (Series 22)
Catherine Brinkworth Writer (Series 22)
Elizabeth V. Suggs Writer (Series 22)
Rob Grant Script Editor (Series 1-2)
Doug Naylor Script Editor (Series 1-2)
Geoffrey Perkins Script Editor (Series 3-4)
Rob Grant Script Executive (Series 3)
Doug Naylor Script Executive (Series 3)
Production team
Peter Harris Director (Series 1-4)
John Stroud Director (Series 2)
Gordon Elsbury Director (Series 3)
Andy de Emmony Director (Series 21)
Steve Connelly Director (Series 21)
Steve Bendelack Director (Series 22)
Adam Miller Director (Series 22)
David Sant Director (Series 22)
Andy Stenning 1st Assistant Director (Series 22)
Jon Blair Producer (Series 1)
Tony Hendra Producer (Series 1)
John Lloyd Producer (Series 1-4)
Geoffrey Perkins Producer (Series 5)
Matt Stronge Producer (Series 21-22)
Jon Blair Executive Producer (Series 3-5)
Jeff Westbrook Executive Producer (Series 21-22)
Joanna Beresford Executive Producer (Series 21-22)
Jon Thoday Executive Producer (Series 21-22)
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer (Series 21-22)
Roger Law Executive Producer (Series 21-22)
John Lloyd Executive Producer (Series 5)
Nana Hughes Executive Producer (Series 21-22)
Reemah Sakaan (as Reemah Saakan) Executive Producer (Series 21)
Richard Holloway Associate Producer (Series 1)
Rob Grant Associate Producer (Series 4)
Doug Naylor Associate Producer (Series 4)
Robert Price Line Producer (Series 21)
Louisa Shepherd Line Producer (Series 22)
Richard Bennett Consultant Producer (Series 21)
Pat Lees Consultant Producer (Series 21)
Paul Jones Post Producer (Series 21-22)
Bert Tyler-Moore Consultant Producer (Series 21-22)
Adam Bokey Editor (Series 21)
Charlie Fawcett Editor (Series 21)
Ash White Editor (Series 22)
Justin James Editor (Series 22)
Steve Tempia Editor (Series 22)
Al Pigden VT Editor (Series 1-5)
Hayden J Baldwin VT Editor (Series 2-4)
Ken Ryan Production Designer (Series 1-5)
Giovanni Guarino Production Designer (Series 1)
Charlotte Dirickx Production Designer (Series 21)
Jo Sutherland Production Designer (Series 22)
Sue Gibson Costume Designer (Series 1-5)
Peter Edwards Director of Photography (Series 21-22)
Helly McGrother Costume Designer (Series 21-22)
Martin Hawkins Director of Photography (Series 22)
Brian Harris Lighting Designer (Series 1-2)
Hugh Stevenson Lighting Designer (Series 1-3 & 5)
Philip Pope (as Phil Pope) Composer (Series 1-4)
Peter Brewis Composer (Series 2)
Philip Pope Composer (Series 4-5)
Willie Dowling Composer (Series 21-22)
Felix Hagan Composer (Series 21-22)
Brian Becker Graphics (Series 1)
Chris Wroe Graphics (Series 2-5)
Phill Dunn Graphics (Series 5)
Natalie Preston Graphics (Series 21-22)
Lee Watson Graphics (Series 21-22)
Sheila Clark Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Philip Eason Puppeteer (Series 21)
Andy Heath Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Brian Herring Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Matt Hutchinson Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Mark Jefferis Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Steven Kynman Puppeteer (Series 21)
Rebecca Nagan Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Wim Oppenheimer Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Lynn Robertson Bruce Puppeteer (Series 21)
Olly Taylor Puppeteer (Series 21)
Dave Chapman Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Neil Sterenberg Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Iestyn Evans Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Joe Greco Puppeteer (Series 21-22)
Laura Bacon Puppeteer (Series 22)
Warrick Brownlow-Pike Puppeteer (Series 22)
Chris Thatcher Puppeteer (Series 22)
Peter Fluck Creator (Series 1-21)
Roger Law Creator (Series 1-21)

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