Spitting Image.

Spitting Image

BritBox sketch show satire with puppets. 160 episodes (22 series), 1984 - 2021. Stars Chris Emmett, Jon Glover, Phil Cool, Jan Ravens and others.

Next new episode is on Saturday at 9am. Series 22 (BritBox Series 2), Episode 4

Great Scenes

The Veggie Quickie

The most famous sketch from Spitting Image is also one of the shortest. According to Ian Hislop, former Tory politicians pretend to claim that what took place in the sketch actually took place in real life.

Tomorrow Belongs to Me

While most people were predicting that Labour would win the 1987 General Election, Spitting Image predicted (rightly as it happens) that the Tories would get back in, hence this song (complete with Nazi undertones). John Lloyd considers the song to have been one of Geoffrey Perkins' greatest moments.

The Chicken Song

A parody of cheesey hits such as "The Birdy Song", the very catchy and deliberately annoying "Chicken Song" was so popular that it became a No. 1 hit. All together now - Hold a chicken in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose...