Sally4Ever. Image shows from L to R: Emma (Julia Davis), Sally (Catherine Shepherd)


  • TV sitcom
  • Sky Atlantic
  • 2018
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Comedy about a woman whose love life takes a surprising turn. Stars Catherine Shepherd, Julia Davis, Alex Macqueen, Julian Barratt, Felicity Montagu and more.

  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 2,976

Press clippings

Comedies in the running for Broadcast Digital Awards 2019

Death On The Tyne, Fleabag, Man Like Mobeen, Sally4Ever, This Country and Timewasters are amongst the nominees in the Broadcast Digital Awards 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 16th May 2019

BAFTA TV Awards 2019 winners revealed

The British Academy Television Awards winners 2019 are now being announced at a star-packed ceremony at London's Royal Festival Hall.

British Comedy Guide, 12th May 2019

BAFTAs: line between comedy & drama more blurred

Hard to categorise, but I'd say Killing Eve, by Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, was a comedy-drama. If you believed it was meant to be a straight thriller, I can see how you might be nonplussed.

Gerard Gilbert, i Newspaper, 10th May 2019

BAFTA TV Awards nominations

Derry Girls, Mum, Sally4Ever, Stath Lets Flats and Car Share are amongst the comedy-related nominations in the 2019 BAFTA TV Awards and BAFTA Craft Awards.

British Comedy Guide, 28th March 2019 Awards 2018 shortlist

The shortlisted TV and radio shows for the Awards 2018 have been announced. 60 programmes are now in the running for the Comedy Of The Year title.

British Comedy Guide, 21st January 2019

Review 2018: Top TV 2018

I don't know what it says about the times we are living in but comedy seems to have slipped into all sorts of programmes this year. I've kept my choices to more traditional comedies.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 24th December 2018

It is easy to forget just how little Julia Davis cares for what the audience might call "taste" or "decency". Davis plays Emma, a narcissist confronting middle-age by removing any moral boundaries that remain in her life. This includes having sexual relations with her lover's best friend's husband. And when I say "relations", I mean something more sordid than anything I have seen on the small screen before. All of it played for proper, if absolutely excruciating, laughs.

Paul MacInnes, The Guardian, 19th December 2018

You either love Julia Davis or think her sick filth ought to be banned. Sally4Ever proved yet again that there is nobody working today - or at least nobody with the same platform - with a blacker sense of humour. Sally (Catherine Shepherd) was already surrounded by monsters: her loser of a boyfriend (Alex MacQueen) and tricky colleagues played by Julian Barratt and Felicity Montagu. Then Emma (Davis herself) arrived, a tornado of sex and bad intentions. Beneath the shagging, drugs, excrement, manipulation and malice were pockets of tenderness, but you had to look pretty hard to see them. Luckily there were also gales of laughter. NB If you have yet to see it, please do not watch it with your parents or children on Boxing Day and then write in to complain.

Ed Cumming, The Independent, 18th December 2018

If you haven't been watching Sally4Ever, I'll make you

It has brought me back to the joys of TV comedy. It's a throwback to that agonising wait for each episode.

Hannah Jane Parkinson, The Guardian, 8th December 2018

Julia Davis' pitiless comedy concludes. Sociopathic Emma (Davis) and fantastically pliant Sally (Catherine Shepherd, who heroically grounds the whole endeavour) are now married and, tonight, they meet the real-life, actual Sean Bean. Then an attack of food poisoning takes an unexpected turn. Few comedies are as unflinching.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 6th December 2018

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