Only Fools And Horses. Image shows from L to R: Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Del (David Jason), Grandad (Lennard Pearce). Copyright: BBC.

Only Fools And Horses

BBC One sitcom about two market traders. 64 episodes (7 series), 1981 - 2003. Stars David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Buster Merryfield, Lennard Pearce and others.

Series 7, Episode 1 is repeated on Gold tomorrow at 9:25am.

Lovely Jubbly! - The top Only Fools And Horses catchphrases

Only Fools And Horses. Image shows from L to R: Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Del (David Jason). Copyright: BBC.'Lovely Jubbly' has been revealed as the most commonly used Only Fools And Horses phrase in British life, according to a recent survey.

The catchphrase used by affable market trader Del Boy - which means 'good' or 'fantastic' - has remained a common saying amongst Brits ever since David Jason first uttered it on screen.

'You plonker', a label often reserved for Del's long suffering brother Rodney, was runner-up in the poll of 2,000 British adults commissioned by TV channel Gold to highlight the fact they've been counting down the nation's top episodes of the sitcom, with added commentary from Sir David Jason.

The star himself comments: "I am delighted that Only Fools And Horses still brings so much pleasure to past fans and now a new generation. If everyone enjoys these programmes as much as I enjoyed making them, then the world can only be a better place."

Steve North from Gold adds: "Only Fools And Horses remains one of the best-loved sitcoms of our time. It's understandable that phrases such as 'lovely jubbly' and 'cushti' remain in the nations hearts and are part of our everyday language. A mark of a quality TV show is when catchphrases used by popular characters infiltrate everyday conversations - even more so when the show is over 30 years old."

Here's the full top 10 list:

1. Lovely jubbly!

2. You plonker.

Only Fools And Horses. Image shows from L to R: Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield), Del (David Jason), Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst). Copyright: BBC.

3. This time next year we'll be millionaires!

4. He who dares, wins!

5. You know it makes sense.

6. Cushti.

7. Mange tout, mange tout.

8. During the war...

9. Bonjour.

10. Do me a lemon!

The poll also asked those responding to pick their favourite scene. Here's the top 10...

1. When Del Boy falls through the bar.

Only Fools And Horses. Image shows from L to R: Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Del (David Jason). Copyright: BBC.

2. Del Boy and Rodney come to the rescue dressed at Batman and Robin.

3. When Rodney and Del Boy break the chandelier.

4. When Rodney finally asks Trigger why he calls him Dave.

5. Del Boy accidentally ordering a batch of naughty blow-up dolls.

6. When Granddad made Christmas dinner with the giblets inside.

7. When Del and Rodney celebrate becoming millionaires in the Robin Reliant.

8. Rodney and Del Boy's trip to Margate ends in the coach turning into a fireball.

9. When Raquel sings with the man who can't pronounce his R's.

10. When Rodney tries to impress Cassandra by making out he lives in huge house.

'Only Fools and Horses: The Favourites' continues on Gold nightly at 9pm until Sunday 8th February. The nation's #1 favourite episode will be revealed on Sunday at 9:40pm.

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Published: Friday 6th February 2015