Man About The House. Image shows from L to R: Chrissy Plummer (Paula Wilcox), Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan), Jo (Sally Thomsett). Copyright: Thames Television.

Man About The House

ITV sitcom about a flat-sharing trio. 39 episodes (6 series), 1973 - 1976. Stars Richard O'Sullivan, Paula Wilcox, Sally Thomsett, Yootha Joyce and others.

Series 5

1. The Last Picture Show

First broadcast: Thursday 4th September 1975

Chrissy's dating an exceedingly dull man with a particular fondness for film-making - the more arty, the better. It's also her birthday, and he gives her a brand new cine camera, which she sets about experimenting with. Meanwhile, Larry can think of much more interesting types of films...


2. Right Said George

First broadcast: Thursday 11th September 1975

Robin is in a musical mood, but with no apparent aptitude for the guitar, Chrissy introduces him to the Ropers' piano. Meanwhile, George's beloved banger of a car is on its last legs.


3. A Little Knowledge

First broadcast: Thursday 18th September 1975

The trio are in desperate need of cash, and Chrissy is determined to find Robin a new job. After browsing the vacancies in the paper, a position selling encyclopaedias door-to-door seems a possibility.


4. Love And Let Love

First broadcast: Thursday 25th September 1975

Two's company but three's a crowd, as the old saying goes. And so it proves to be the case when first Chrissy, and then Robin, hope to have some privacy in the flat for the evening!


5. How Does Your Garden Grow

First broadcast: Thursday 2nd October 1975

With their rent overdue, George talks Robin and Chrissy into clearing the garden. Chrissy decides to take a couple of the more attractive looking plant specimens indoors to brighten their flat, but Larry's got some alarming news for them - one's a cannabis plant!


6. Come Fly With Me

First broadcast: Thursday 9th October 1975

George has bought Mildred a new female budgie as company for their male, and asks Robin, Chrissy and Jo to look after it for the evening. Meanwhile, Chrissy has a pair of Frank Sinatra tickets to give away and she intends to make Robin work for them.


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