Man About The House. Image shows from L to R: Chrissy Plummer (Paula Wilcox), Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan), Jo (Sally Thomsett). Copyright: Thames Television.

Man About The House

ITV sitcom about a flat-sharing trio. 39 episodes (6 series), 1973 - 1976. Stars Richard O'Sullivan, Paula Wilcox, Sally Thomsett, Yootha Joyce and others.

Series 3

1. Cuckoo In The Nest

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th October 1974

It's been two weeks, and Larry's still sleeping on the sofa. But more annoyingly, he's constantly in the bathroom and eating all of the food in the flat. Chrissy, Jo and Robin have all had more than enough: it's time for him to go!


2. Come Into My Parlour

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th October 1974

Robin plans a romantic meal to woo Angie, a girl he's met at college; Chrissy is none-too-impressed by his intentions, and even less so when Angie turns out to be old school friend Angela.


3. I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me...

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd October 1974

Bereft of a date, Chrissy invites Robin to accompany her to the annual works' formal. Unfortunately for Robin that involves learning a few traditional, slow dance moves.


4. Of Mice And Women

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th October 1974

When Jo spots a mouse scurrying across her bedroom floor, it provides Robin with the perfect excuse to try to spend some time with Chrissy. Mr Roper's quite pleased, too!


5. Somebody Out There Likes Me

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th November 1974

Flowers, and later a large box of chocolates, arrive for Chrissy, "from an admirer". She's uncomfortable with the unidentified attention and gives them to Mildred; George is more than a little bit jealous.


6. We Shall Not Be Moved

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th November 1974

Whilst Mildred is away for the weekend, Mr. Roper intends to evict Robin, Chrissy and Jo and turn their flat into 6 separate "self-contained living units".


7. Three Of A Kind

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th November 1974

When Robin is hospitalised to have his tonsils removed, Chrissy takes on two of his friends in a spot of poker. The trouble is, she has no idea how to play...


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