Ideal. Image shows from L to R: Moz (Johnny Vegas), Nicki (Nicola Reynolds). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions.


BBC Three sitcom about a small-time drug dealer. 54 episodes (7 series), 2005 - 2011. Stars Johnny Vegas, Nicola Reynolds, Tom Goodman-Hill, Sinead Matthews and others.


The title sequence of each series of Ideal is in a different colour... Series 1 is grey; Series 2 is blue; Series 3 is green; Series 4 is purple; Series 5 is red; Series 6 is ?; Series 7 is light blue.

Each episode from the second series of Ideal was premiered on BBC Three's website a week before its initial TV broadcast.

The BBC initially asked the production team if they would start the new fifth series by following in the footsteps of Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps and recording the first episode live. However, due to scheduling difficulties, that idea had to be shelved.


The actor who plays the character of Fist is not named in the credits... but it is believed to be writer Graham Duff, who also plays camp Brian in the series.

All the action takes place within the three flats on Moz's floor, and on the stairs. However, in the final episode of Series 5 we finally got to see what the outside of the building looks like.

Alfie Joey, who plays boring Derrick, and Johnny Vegas trained for the priesthood together. However, they both left to become stand-up comedians instead.

The club in Ideal is named "Zyklon Bs". This resulted in a number of complaints to the BBC as Zyklon B was the name of the gas used by the Nazis and, unfortunately, Episode 1.2 was broadcast during Holocaust Memorial Week.