Great Night Out. Image shows from L to R: Hodge (Lee Boardman), Daz (Stephen Walters), Beggsy (William Ash), Glyn (Craig Parkinson).

Great Night Out

ITV comedy drama about four men. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2013. Stars William Ash, Stephen Walters, Craig Parkinson, Lee Boardman and others.

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ITV comedy drama Great Night Out axed

ITV has reportedly axed Great Night Out, its comedy drama about four lads living in Stockport, after just one series.

British Comedy Guide, 1st May 2013

The gang's misadventures this week revolve around an FA Cup game between Stockport County and Manchester United. That's unfortunate because the football dialogue in this series tends to sound just a bit... wrong (sample: "We'll shut their gobby fans up good and proper"). But like everything else with this knockabout show - the Looney Tunes plotting, the fondness for cheap gags, the relentless banjo music - it can't stop us enjoying the sheer fun of the thing and the comic energy of the cast.

Daz has decided to propose to Colleen, but falls foul of her fantasist housemate Bev (a very believable Isy Suttie), while Glyn has Mad Tony's mansion all to himself. But not for long.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 15th February 2013

It's the final whistle of the series and we're back where we started with the Stockport lads in the pub getting over-excited about football.

That's just the start of a Saturday nightmare that kicks off when Col gives Daz a Garibaldi and Napoleon (a dog) eats the lads' tickets for the County vs Man U cup tie.

Stealing the show amid the frenzied farce is Isy Suttie as the deranged Bev, a woman who'll do anything to get a ring on her finger.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 15th February 2013

The series finale sees the gang score tickets for Stockport's biggest game in a decade. Result. Oh, except Glyn's boss's dog has shredded them into confetti. Just ring up the club and get replacements sent out, like people would do in real life? No. Instead we get another cheerful if undercooked ladcom caper as the chaps scour for somewhere suitable to watch the match. Meanwhile, Daz asks his girlfriend's oddball housemate for help in choosing an engagement ring. Harmless Friday-night-in fare; instantly forgotten.

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 15th February 2013

It's the final episode of this post-watershed comedy about four male friends who meet once a week for a night out in Stockport. The humour has tended towards the obvious, although the lead characters are a likeable enough bunch. Tonight, Glyn (Craig Parkinson) messes up the lads' plans to go to an important football match between Manchester United and their home town Stockport County. Meanwhile, Daz (Stephen Walters) decides to propose to Colleen (Naomi Bentley), and enlists the help of her kooky housemate Bev (Isy Suttie, Dobby in Peep Show) to help to spring the surprise.

Lara Prendergast, The Telegraph, 14th February 2013

Tonight, on top of the increasingly good main cast, we get a gift-box of guest stars: Keith Allen, Kevin Eldon and Phil Cornwell all drop by - enough comic talent to power a series on their own. Allen plays a mad comedy farmer (with shotgun and ukulele) in whose field our bunch of friends go to camp. And as his saucy daughter, it's a barely recognisable Sophia Di Martino (Polly from Casualty). She coaxes Beggsy into an assignation in the hay-barn that could be a mistake.

Meanwhile, Glyn is on a promise with Julie, which in this sort of show means everything that can go wrong, will. It's lovably silly, knockabout farce and it puts a smile on your face.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 8th February 2013

Instead of one evening going pear-shaped, our Stockport lads have a whole weekend away to mess up in this larky comedy drama. Triggered by Kath's desire to escape her job, the chaos begins when she and Hodge decide to head off for a glamping trip. But with Beggsy playing gooseberry in his mam's house as she gets lovey-dovey, the pair might soon have a cuckoo in their romantic camper van. Phil Cornwell and Keith Allen guest star alongside regulars Craig Parkinson and Stephen Walters.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 8th February 2013

The penultimate slice of this patchy comedy-drama about a quartet of men in their mid-thirties who meet for a weekly booze-up in Stockport. Hodge (Lee Boardman) and his wife Kath (Rebekah Staton) head off for a romantic weekend away that turns out to be anything but. On-off girlfriend Colleen's frisky new ways throw neurotic Daz (Stephen Walters) into a crisis but divorcé Beggsy (Will Ash) fares rather better in the romance stakes as he finally begins to enjoy the spoils of single life. Keith Allen guest stars.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 7th February 2013

A properly funny, likeable comedy from the creators of BBC1's Worst Week Of My Life. It does nothing new at all but gets on with it unpretentiously, lightening your mood rather than widening any horizons.
Lee Boardman, Stephen Walters, William Ash and Craig Parkinson are all warmly believable as a gang of four mates who meet up for a pint or seven every week and are constantly beset by their own incompetence and misadventure. Sit back and let these pathetic man-children amuse you.

Radio Times, 2nd February 2013

ITV's Stockport-set comedy continues to rattle along nicely. Yes, it feels old-fashioned for a series about 30-somethings and yes, the storylines move with the predictability of Swiss railways. But there's an oomph to it, a likeability that comes partly from the writers' unashamed love of the comic mishap (this week, a flooded living room and the world's most embarrassing pub quiz) and partly from a cast who give the characters plenty of heart under the daftness.

Scene of the night must be the moment where Daz's bathroom comes flooding through his lounge ceiling while he's enjoying fish and chips - a tour de force. But the meat of the plot comes when Glyn bumps into an old schoolfriend (guest star Paul Nicholls) who's done well for himself and become a bit flash. He drinks latte. He waxes. But why is he so keen to befriend gormless Glyn?

Meanwhile, Kath suggests that she and Hodge try for a baby, an idea that leaves Hodge struggling to, as it were, keep up.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 1st February 2013