Key cast & crew credits

Charlotte Ritchie Alison
Kiell Smith-Bynoe Mike
Mathew Baynton Thomas
Simon Farnaby Julian
Martha Howe-Douglas Lady Button
Jim Howick Pat
Laurence Rickard Robin
Ben Willbond Captain
Lolly Adefope Kitty
Katy Wix Mary (Series 1-4)
Laurence Rickard Humphrey
Writing team
Mathew Baynton Writer
Jim Howick Writer
Laurence Rickard Writer
Ben Willbond Writer
Martha Howe-Douglas Writer
Simon Farnaby Writer (Series 2)
Hugo Lynch Script Editor (Series 1)
Annie Fawke Script Editor (Series 2-3)
Katharine Rosser Script Editor (Series 4-5)
Production team
Tom Kingsley Director (Series 1-2)
Nick Collett Director (Series 3)
Simon Hynd Director (Series 4-5)
Matthew Mulot Producer (Series 1-3)
Pat Tookey-Dickson Producer (Series 4-5)
Alison Carpenter Executive Producer
Debra Hayward Executive Producer
Alison Owen Executive Producer
Kate Daughton Executive Producer (Series 1-3)
Mathew Baynton Executive Producer
Simon Farnaby Executive Producer
Martha Howe-Douglas Executive Producer
Jim Howick Executive Producer
Laurence Rickard Executive Producer
Ben Willbond Executive Producer
Imogen Cooper Executive Producer (Series 2-3)
Seb Barwell Executive Producer (Series 4-5)
Jon Petrie Executive Producer (Series 4-5)
Gregor Sharp Executive Producer (Series 4)
Jill Forbes Line Producer (Series 1-3)
Kay Loxley Line Producer (Series 4)
Anne Patterson Line Producer (Series 5)
Dave O'Callaghan Post Producer (Series 5)
Mike Holliday Editor (Series 1-3)
Will Peverett Editor (Series 4-5)
Amy Maguire Production Designer (Series 1-3)
Andrew Lavin Production Designer (Series 4-5)
Kelly Valentine Hendry Casting Director (Series 1-4)
Alex Irwin Casting Director (Series 2-5)
Lucy Williams Costume Designer
Will Hanke Director of Photography (Series 1-3)
Trevelyan Oliver Director of Photography (Series 4-5)
Marie Deehan Make-up Designer (Series 1)
Jo Jenkins Make-up Designer (Series 2)
Natalie Pateman Make-up Designer (Series 3-5)
Arthur Sharpe Composer (Series 1-2)
Ralegh Long Composer (Series 2-5)
Kas Braganza 1st Assistant Director (Series 1)
Peter Griffiths 1st Assistant Director (Series 2-5)
Adam Byfield 1st Assistant Director (Series 4)
Mathew Baynton Creator (Series 1-2)
Simon Farnaby Creator (Series 1-2)
Martha Howe-Douglas Creator (Series 1-2)
Jim Howick Creator (Series 1-2)
Laurence Rickard Creator (Series 1-2)
Ben Willbond Creator (Series 1-2)
Shane Allen Commissioner (Series 1-3)
Charlotte Moore Commissioner (Series 1-3)

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