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Doc Martin. Image shows from L to R: Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz), Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes).

Doc Martin (2004)

ITV comedy drama about village life. 62 episodes (8 series), 2004 - 2017. Stars Martin Clunes, Buffy Davis, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice and others.

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Martin Clunes: the 'Clunatics' still love Doc Martin

Martin Clunes is about to star in the seventh series of Doc Martin - but always gets home in time for farming, horse monopoly and riding his Clydesdales.

Olivia Parker, The Telegraph, 23rd January 2015

Caroline Catz donates Doc Martin wedding dress

A wedding dress worn in hit TV series Doc Martin is to be auctioned to raise money for a southeast Cornwall children's charity.

Western Morning News, 23rd November 2014

Dr Martin Ellingham is brilliant, grumpy, imperious and socially inept as an obstetrician turned GP. These facts make Doc Martin a must-see for those prospective doctors who want to fit in to the medical establishment which, as you know, is filled with imperious, socially inept, grumpy doctors who may, if you're lucky, be brilliant. If you can't bear to watch Martin Clunes being curmudgeonly in Cornwall, you could watch James Robertson Justice as Sir Lancelott Spratt in the Doctor in the House franchise or De Forrest Kelly as Bones in Star Trek to get much the same picture.

Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian, 9th September 2014

Martin Clunes has suggested that next year's series of his bewilderingly long-running ITV comedy-drama Doc Martin will be the last, because the writers have run out of ideas. This won't do, so here are five new plots that should be right in its wheelhouse: 1) Doc Martin pulls a face at a sheep, 2) Doc Martin pulls a face at a cow, 3) Doc Martin thinks he sees a boat in the distance but it's just a rock so he pulls a face, 4) Doc Martin can't find his glasses and then pulls a face when he realises that they've been on top of his head all along, and 5) Doc Martin pulls a face at a goose. You're welcome for the new series, ITV.

Stuart Heritage, The Guardian, 6th September 2014

Doc Martin - Series 6, Episode 8 review

Writer Jack Lothian delivers a gripping finale to the current series, even weaving in new suspense with an unexpected medical condition for Louisa.

Lina Talbot, The Independent, 22nd October 2013

'Doc Martin' finale attracts over 7 million on ITV

Doc Martin's series finale topped the Monday night (October 21) ratings outside of soaps, according to overnight data.

Tom Eames, Digital Spy, 22nd October 2013

Let's face it, it was never the happiest of marriages, was it? This current series began with Martin and Louisa's dismal wedding day and even more ­catastrophic honeymoon and it ends, fittingly, with Louisa about to take baby James to Spain for a ­well-earned break.

Her husband is so emotionally bunched up he can't even muster the good manners for a proper goodbye, muttering ­something about his first patient having arrived instead.

But a long overdue confrontation with his dreadful mother prompts him to finally try and behave like a normal human being for once in his life.

The frantic last-minute dash to the airport has long been a reliable ­set-piece of film for TV dramas, but this is one race against time that has more at stake than simply a relationship.

Doc Martin may be colder than a prawn ring in an Iceland freezer cabinet, but this finale proves to be ­surprisingly touching.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 21st October 2013

That cranky carapace cracks just a little as the Doc faces the repercussions of the painful events in the last episode. His marriage looks wounded beyond repair and he's stuck at home in pretty Portwenn with only his ghastly, grasping, emotionally exploitative mother for company.

It's the final episode and, as Doc Martin has never been a series that would ever willingly give in to the fervent hopes of its devoted audience (just think how long it took Martin and Louisa to marry) fans must brace themselves. Pour a stiff drink, find some worry beads and prepare to hold the hand, mentally, of this most difficult of men. He needs your support.

Martin Clunes is great as Martin and, even if you're ambivalent about the appeal of his flinty personality, you'll need a heart of concrete not to feel his every flinch of pain in an unexpectedly touching finale.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 21st October 2013

It was too good to last. Once they'd got Doc Martin and long-suffering Louisa (Caroline Catz) hitched, the only thing left was to rend them asunder once more, as that's the emotional heartbeat of this oddball medical drama. So prepare for a bumpy emotional ride as this on-off-on-off couple climax the series with a helter-skelter crisis. Luckily, there's some quirky comedy - PC Penhale sporting a Freddie Mercury moustache - to ease the tension.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 21st October 2013

Doc Martin - Series 6, Episode 7 review

I particularly enjoyed the four men in a room scene where Al, Penhale and Martin try to figure out the best thing for Mike to do before the red caps find him.

Lina Talbot, The Independent, 14th October 2013

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