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Doc Martin. Image shows from L to R: Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz), Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes).

Doc Martin (2004)

ITV comedy drama about village life. 62 episodes (8 series), 2004 - 2017. Stars Martin Clunes, Buffy Davis, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice and others.

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Appearing in a highly popular drama series alongside a cast of much-loved actors would be enough to give most performers a dose of paralysing stage fright. But baby James Ellingham isn't fazed at all (well, to be accurate, all eight babies who play him). He plays up to the camera beautifully, stealing every single scene. The little 'un is a perfect foil to Martin Clunes's cantankerous GP who, it turns out, is not the only grump in the village. Ruth's neighbour Mr Moysey (Ronald Pickup) is just as antisocial and ill-tempered.

"Come back in five days," the doctor tells him abruptly after a brief medical examination. "What happens if I drop dead before then?" snaps Mr Moysey. "We'll cancel the appointment."

The humour of Doc Martin isn't subtle and the storylines are either sledgehammer-obvious or ludicrous to the point of surreal, but I laughed out loud more times watching this than I have at many so-called comedies.

Jane Rackham, Radio Times, 23rd September 2013

Doc Martin - Series 6, Episode 4 review

To answer those critics who deem this comedy drama to have run its course, I would point out not just audience figures, but the consistent calibre of the cast, the fast pace and slick interchange of scenes, and the host of excellent characters who all find something comedic to contribute to each episode.

Lina Talbot, The Independent, 22nd September 2013

Doc Martin - Series 6, Episode 3 review

After a couple of atypical episodes, Doc Martin returns to form with a full-blown romp, this time with the spotlight on Dr Ruth.

Lina Talbot, The Independent, 16th September 2013

Doc Martin Episode Three review

Eileen Atkins shines in an episode focusing on Ruth's new radio career and a potential secret admirer.

Unreality TV, 16th September 2013

An unkempt man is found slumped unconscious on Portwenn's beach and is dragged to Doc Martin's surgery by two well-meaning fishermen. The unfortunate gent is woozy and dehydrated though a sharp slap around the face from the world's most curmudgeonly ministering angel soon brings him round, after which the mysterious stranger wants to talk about the Ellingham family, particularly Aunty Ruth.

She's just accepted a job as a Frasier-type radio psychiatrist on the otherwise terrible Radio Portwenn, but her audience isn't quite what she'd hoped for. Yes, it's another busy week in this twinkling Cornish jewel by the sea, a place that refuses to be darkened by the thunderclouds of its doctor's appalling personality. His miserable aspect is counterbalanced by the cheery locals, like the owner of its awful restaurant who is furious at a schoolgirl's review, and its endearingly stupid policeman.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 16th September 2013

A mystery man is found unconscious on the beach by two improbably bearded fishermen, and Doc Martin (Martin Clunes) rushes to his aid. But what caused his blackout and will he hang around to find out? Meanwhile, Louisa is juggling the new baby while selflessly helping others and blowing her fringe out of her eyes. And Ruth's got a secret admirer. Will the kindly-yet-gruff, big-eared GP be brutally maimed in a frenzied knife attack or will he just sort it all out as usual? Tune in to find out.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 16th September 2013

Doc Martin - Series 6, Episode 2 review

After the riotous opening episode in the dark woods last week, Doc Martin returns to sunny Portwenn and its picturesque jumble of dwellings crammed between the hills and the sea.

Lina Talbot, The Independent, 10th September 2013

Why does the nation love miserable Doc Martin?

I've always been fascinated by its huge success because it does nothing for me, says Alison Graham.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 9th September 2013

After the excitement of last week's wedding, back to more prosaic fare for episode two: the titular doc reckons James' latest nanny might have hygiene issues; PC Penhale anonymously gathers some advice from Ruth that prompts a dramatic personality change; and Dennis's apparent fondness for drink turns out to be something altogether more serious and difficult.

As much live-action tourist brochure as TV drama, Doc Martin continues to be as undemanding and old-fashioned as always, while raking in viewing figures that must be the envy of series both more prestigious and nakedly crowd-pleasing. But this sort of gentle farce-cum-melodrama is much harder to pull off than it looks. To its credit, Doc Martin makes it look very easy.

Gabriel Tate, Time Out, 9th September 2013

After their disastrous honeymoon last week, newlyweds Louisa and Martin return to what passes for normal life in pretty Portwenn. Louisa (Caroline Katz) is back at school and baby James's new childminder Mel, throws the house into chaos when she's late for work. Martin (Martin Clunes) is uneasy about handing over his precious son to her, largely because she's constantly scratching herself. Martin's hopeless beside manner soon sends the new nanny into a fury and the Ellingham family into chaos just as they are about to entertain guests at dinner. Stand by for some comedy business involving a baby monitor.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 9th September 2013

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