Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios
Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

  • TV sitcom
  • CBBC
  • 2017 - 2021
  • 103 episodes (2 series)

Animated CGI version of Dennis The Menace for CBBC. Stars Freddie Fox, Kelly-Marie Stewart, Kathryn Drysdale, Ryan Sampson, Rasmus Hardiker and more.

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Series 2, Episode 30 - Learning To Lose

JJ applies to an elite sporting school. However, not realising it's miles away from Beanotown, he needs to do badly in the sporting assessment to get out of it.

Broadcast details

Thursday 21st January 2021
15 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 21st January 2021 3:15pm CBBC
Monday 15th February 2021 7:25am CBBC
Monday 15th February 2021 3:20pm CBBC
Saturday 27th February 2021 7:20pm CBBC
Monday 17th May 2021 7:20am CBBC
Monday 17th May 2021 3:15pm CBBC
Saturday 24th July 2021 8:10am CBBC
Sunday 1st August 2021 7:35am CBBC
Thursday 23rd September 2021 3:30pm CBBC
Saturday 9th October 2021 1:15pm CBBC
Wednesday 13th October 2021 7:20am CBBC
Friday 29th October 2021 3:25pm CBBC
Friday 24th December 2021 7:30am CBBC
Wednesday 29th December 2021 1:00pm CBBC
Friday 11th February 2022 3:30pm CBBC
Monday 21st February 2022 1:50pm CBBC
Saturday 26th March 2022 12:20pm CBBC
Friday 15th April 2022 12:55pm CBBC
Tuesday 17th May 2022 7:20am CBBC
Monday 23rd May 2022 12:50pm CBBC
Tuesday 28th June 2022 12:45pm CBBC
Tuesday 26th July 2022 3:30pm CBBC
Thursday 28th July 2022 7:25am CBBC
Sunday 28th August 2022 8:05am CBBC
Sunday 9th October 2022 2:55pm CBBC
Friday 2nd December 2022 3:35pm CBBC
Tuesday 20th December 2022 7:20am CBBC
Tuesday 27th December 2022 12:45pm CBBC
Sunday 5th March 2023 2:05pm CBBC
Monday 6th March 2023 7:20am CBBC
Saturday 1st April 2023 7:20am CBBC
Thursday 13th April 2023 3:40pm CBBC
Thursday 20th April 2023 1:05pm CBBC
Thursday 27th April 2023 1:05pm CBBC
Sunday 7th May 2023 2:15pm CBBC
Monday 15th May 2023 7:20am CBBC
Thursday 1st June 2023 12:55pm CBBC
Wednesday 28th June 2023 1:05pm CBBC
Wednesday 13th September 2023 1:30pm CBBC
Monday 2nd October 2023 7:20am CBBC
Tuesday 3rd October 2023 1:40pm CBBC
Saturday 4th November 2023 7:00am BBC2
Monday 20th November 2023 12:55pm CBBC
Thursday 30th November 2023 7:20am CBBC
Thursday 14th December 2023 12:50pm CBBC
Sunday 24th December 2023 2:25pm CBBC
Monday 12th February 2024 7:20am CBBC
Thursday 22nd February 2024 1:20pm CBBC

Cast & crew

Freddie Fox Dennis (Voice)
Kelly-Marie Stewart Rubi (Voice)
Kathryn Drysdale JJ (Voice)
Ryan Sampson Pieface (Voice)
Rasmus Hardiker Walter (Voice)
Joanna Ruiz Various (Voice)
Maya Sondhi Various (Voice)
Boris Hiestand Various (Voice)
Writing team
Andrew Emerson Head Writer
Matt Baker Writer
Production team
Kitty Taylor Director
John Knowles Animation Director
Dave Peacock Voice Director
Karina Stanford-Smith Series Producer
Jo Allen Executive Producer
Phil Dobree Executive Producer
Emma Scott Executive Producer
Nigel Pickard Executive Producer
Luke Dodd Executive Producer
Mark Talbot Executive Producer
Tim Searle Executive Producer
Nathalie Le Berre Animation Producer
Darren Millstone Editor
Dave Peacock Casting Director
Peter Miller (as Mr Miller and Mr Porter) Composer
Ian Porter (as Mr Miller and Mr Porter) Composer
Nick Davis Sound Designer

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