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8 Out Of 10 Cats. Image shows from L to R: Rob Beckett, Jimmy Carr, Aisling Bea. Copyright: Zeppotron.

8 Out Of 10 Cats

E4 and Channel 4 and More4 panel show based around statistics. 188 episodes (20 series), 2005 - 2017. Stars Jimmy Carr, Rob Beckett, Aisling Bea, Sean Lock and others.

Another series is in development.
Series 10, Episode 4 is repeated on More4 today at 3:10am

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Jimmy Carr mocked on '8 out of 10 Cats' over his taxes

Jimmy Carr was roundly mocked over his involvement in a tax avoidance scheme on this week's 8 out of 10 Cats.

Christian Tobin, Digital Spy, 22nd June 2012

There's been plenty of reverential regal programming celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Now it's time for a more sardonic spin on the landmark event, with this special edition of the popular comedy panel show. Wisecracking Jimmy Carr hosts as two celebrity teams, captained by comedians Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, give their satirical take on the royal weekend, while dissecting monarchy-related opinion polls, surveys and statistics.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 8th June 2012

Host Jimmy Carr and regular team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock present the latest edition of the 13th series of this irreverent comedy panel show based on statistics and opinion polls. Tonight the guests trying to predict the public's responses to the topical issues of the moment are television presenter Tess Daley, newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy, and comedians Micky Flanagan and Hari Kondabolu.

Andrew Marszal, The Telegraph, 31st May 2012

Jimmy Carr is truly a workaholic: not only is he currently touring his latest stand-up show, he's also popping up on Alan Carr's Chatty Man at 10pm and is back hosting another round of the noisy panel show that makes fun of polls, surveys and stats.

Sharon Lougher, Metro, 27th April 2012

The wisecracking news poll-based panel show returns for what seems like a gazillionth series (its 13th, in fact). Now that it's firmly entrenched as Have I Got News for You for the under-30s, there's no need to tinker with the formula: essentially, roll the cameras and let deadpan host Jimmy Carr tee-up team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson to dryly riff on the week's nonsense news. Then cobble together the gags, which are as potent as ever.

The Telegraph, 26th April 2012

8 Out Of 10 Cats to take on Countdown

8 Out Of 10 Cats regulars Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are to play a game of quiz show Countdown early next year.

British Comedy Guide, 16th November 2011

Channel 4 must be struggling for shows to fill their once-feted Friday night slot, as 8 Out Of 10 Cats, which finished its 11th series a mere month ago, is already back for another outing. Jon Richardson, now firmly ensconced in the role of "team captain who is not as funny as Sean Lock", is joined by comedian Holly Walsh, while Lock, whose quick, absurdist turns of phrase are forever the strongest element of this tired format, gets some help on the one-liner front from Richard Ayoade.

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 23rd September 2011

Many a panel show flags in middle age, but this one remains in rude health as it returns for a 12th series of comedy based on statistics and polls. Our rudimentary survey shows the most laughs come from the quips of host Jimmy Carr, who's as sharp as his tailored suits, and team captain Sean Lock, who veers between irreverent rants on life and taking pot shots at the guests. Braving his ridicule tonight are IT Crowd actor Richard Ayoade and boxer Amir Khan.

Vicki Power, The Telegraph, 22nd September 2011

Amir Khan & Richard Ayoade on 12th 8 Out of 10 Cats

Popular comedy panel show 8 Out Of 10 Cats returns to Channel 4 Friday 23rd September for 11 brand new shows including the 100th episode of the series.

Lisa McGarry, Unreality TV, 7th September 2011

The comedy panel show is in rude health, there's no doubt about it. Friday night's are when BBC1's genre stalwart Have I Got News For You airs, and now it's joined by three rivals-two of which are new to the airwaves. First there's old-hand 8 Out Of 10 Cats, which is fuelled by statistics and opinion polls compiled about the week's news and gossip. There's been no significant changes to the show's format since it began, although team captain Jason Manford's now been replaced by comedian Jon Richardson.

The show itself can be one of the funniest panel shows around, on a good day. While many contemporaries have to balance jokes with a serious satirical agenda, Cats is as trivial as the lists it uses as its source of information. Headed by three comedians who are presently active on the circuit, it's more obviously an excuse to deliver jokes and amusing observations about topics the nation's chattering about. There isn't much in the way of thought-provoking insights and incisive satire, just pub-level joshing and quips with a topical theme. Team captain Sean Lock's found himself the ideal format for his brand of comedy, too-as I don't care for his stand-up but he seems to thrive in this panel show environment. Having some enforced structure and banter with guests appears to give him a boost.

In many ways Cats reminds me of Mock The Week in its approach to skewering the week's news, but there's a much more pleasant atmosphere to it. Mock often feels like six comedians scrambling to outdo each other in a competitive environment, but those involved with Cats are more gracious to their fellow panelists. Plus, in allowing non-comedian guests (here, cage-fighting fame-whore Alex Reid and Countdown's mouthwatering Rachel Riley), it's more fun seeing them poke fun at people who are in the room-as Mock often feels quite cowardly.

Dan Owen, Dan's Media Digest, 20th June 2011

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