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  1. Joel Stern.

    My Comedy Career: Joel Stern

    • Article
    • 15th September 2020

    Actor and writer Joel Stern established himself in the comedy industry via a series of hit viral online comedy sketches. Here he talks about the ups and downs of financing web series, and keeping activities aligned and focused.

  2. Comedy Women In Print Prize 2020 winners

    • News
    • Writing
    • 14th September 2020

    Nina Stibbe, Faye Brann, Mavis Cheek, Ruth Jones, Posy Simmonds and Danny Noble have been announced as the winners of the Comedy Women in Print Prize 2020.

  3. My Comedy Career: Lukie Nixon

    • Article
    • Production
    • 10th September 2020

    Lukie Nixon, co-director of podcast company Snipper Nixon, juggles his time between producing audio shows and performing stand-up comedy. He discusses late night edits, the importance of being nice to production runners, and more.

  4. Joe Barnes wins Short Com script competition

    • News
    • Writing
    • 7th September 2020

    Joe Barnes has been named as the winner of the first Short Com Script Competition.

  5. Funny Women Stage Awards 2020 finalists revealed

    • Article
    • Performance
    • 4th September 2020

    Izzy Askwith, Naomi Cooper, Katie Green, Ania Magliano, Mary O'Connell, Fiona Ridgewell, Christina O'Sullivan and Eryn Tett are through to the final of the Funny Women Stage Awards 2020.

  6. BCG Pro teams up with card company thortful for new challenge

    • Article
    • Writing
    • 4th September 2020

    This opportunity/event has now finished/closed.

    BCG Pro has teamed up with greetings card company thortful to launch a competition in which BCG Pro members can win cash prizes for thinking up new birthday card captions.

  7. Philip L Moore on overcoming adversity to make a pilot

    • Article
    • Production
    • 2nd September 2020

    As he explains in this interview, Philip L Moore has overcome several hurdles to film and release a pilot of his comedy show about a group of bungling but lovable criminals.

  8. The Secret Reviewer.

    The Secret Reviewer #18: Tickling the Pros

    • Article
    • 1st September 2020

    Every month our clandestine critic reveals the murky truths behind that infamous trade, and live comedy generally. This month: The best laughs are harder to get.

  9. Kate Smurthwaite. Copyright: Jon Cartwright.

    My Comedy Career: Kate Smurthwaite

    • Article
    • 28th August 2020

    Writer and performer Kate Smurthwaite talks about working in a career where there's no time to put your feet up... you have to keep looking around for the next thing.

  10. Steve Doherty.

    My Comedy Career: Steve Doherty

    • Article
    • 25th August 2020

    Steve Doherty is one of the most experienced comedy producers working in radio. In this interview we hear about his career highlights and lowlights, getting some great tips and insight along the way.


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Short Com.
  • Article
  • Writing

Following on from their recent writing competition, Short Com director Chris Aitken runs through some of the common habits new sitcom writers portray, and gives suggestions for how people can potentially improve their scripts.

Image shows from L to R: Meghan Cruz, Jon Petrie.
  • Video
  • Writing

In this hour-long video, script development executive Meghan Cruz and comedy commissioning editor Jon Petrie discuss pitching and developing television sitcoms.

Stuart Goldsmith's Infinite Sofa. Stuart Goldsmith.
  • Article
  • Production

Creating a good online show can be surprisingly tricky, so we've asked comedy's new home-streaming community for their at-the-coalface advice. In the final part of this series, podcast pioneer and Infinite Showman Stuart Goldsmith reveals how comics can learn from startups.

Anna Morris.
  • Article
  • Performance

Anna Morris is a comedian, writer and actor. You may have seen her sell-out one-woman character comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe; on Channel 4 in Lee And Dean; or in a multitude of hit online sketches. Here, she talks openly about her craft and career to date.


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The Comedy Loser, 15th September 2020

Backlash as McVitie's seeks free gags for its Penguins

Biscuit giant McVitie's has been slated after asking people to supply jokes for its Penguin packaging for free.

Chortle, 12th September 2020

Cumbrian CBD company teams up with Kai Humphries

The latest move for the Cumbrian company Lakeland CBD this year has been teaming up with comedian Kai Humphries.

Cumbria Crack, 8th September 2020

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