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  1. Pippa Evans.

    Pippa Evans on the benefits of improv

    • Article
    • 7th April 2021

    We talk to Pippa Evans about why everyone working in comedy should be using improv to enhance what they do. You don't need to be a performer, improv techniques can benefit everyone.

  2. How we made I'm Not In Love

    • Article
    • Production
    • 6th April 2021

    Col Spector, the director and co-writer of the film I'm Not In Love, talks us through how they brought the project to life.

  3. Mic Drop.

    Want to avoid stand-up? Other ways to be a comedian

    • Article
    • 5th April 2021

    There are many ways to be funny and there are multiple ways of forging a comedy career. You don't have to get on stage and perform stand-up to be a comedian...

  4. My Comedy Career: Moray Hunter

    • Article
    • Writing
    • 2nd April 2021

    With the third series of Alone, the gag packed sitcom he writes for Radio 4, returning to the airwaves this week, we talk to comedy writer, performer and Absolutely star Moray Hunter to find out more about his comedy life.

  5. Funny Women Awards.

    Funny Women Awards 2021 open for entries

    • News
    • 1st April 2021

    The Funny Women Awards 2021 are open for entries. There are categories for performance, writing and short films.

  6. The Secret Reviewer #25: Moonlighting Strangers

    • Article
    • Performance
    • 1st April 2021

    Every month our clandestine critic reveals the murky truths behind that infamous trade, and live comedy generally. This month: the one industry ill that comedians and critics all agree on.

  7. Julia McKenzie.

    BCG Pro Sessions video: Julia McKenzie

    • Video
    • 28th March 2021

    A video recording of our BCG Pro Sessions Q&A with Julia McKenzie, the Creative Director for BBC Studios Audio. She explains the commissioning process for new ideas, ways writers can develop, and more.

  8. Sarah Asante joins UKTV as commissioning editor

    • News
    • Production
    • 26th March 2021

    UKTV has hired Sarah Asante as its new commissioning editor for scripted comedy.

  9. Female Pilot Club reveals Test Flight Scheme Plus writers

    • News
    • Writing
    • 25th March 2021

    Athena Kugblenu, Laura Evelyn, Rachel Clark, Sylvia Okyere and Zara Janjua will take part in Female Pilot Club's Test Flight Scheme Plus.

  10. In Defence Of The First-Draft Freewrite

    • Article
    • Writing
    • 24th March 2021

    "Write first, apologise later"... comedy writers Ed Amsden and Tom Coles deliver an impassioned plea in defence of a first-draft freewrite.


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Juliet Meyers.
  • Article
  • Performance

With live stand-up set to return, we're getting trade secrets from the experts. First up, Juliet Meyers on whether good material has a tell-by date.

Simon Nicholls.
  • Article
  • Writing

Top producer and comedy exec Simon Nicholls offers up some suggested Dos and Don'ts for those writing sitcoms.

Podcast microphone.
  • Article
  • Production

If you're a funny and creative person, the process of recording an improvised comedy podcast on a regular basis is relatively straightforward. This guide explains the basics of this type of podcasting and offers some tips on how to make it work.

Leah Henry.
  • Article
  • Production

TV producer Leah Henry talks about creating BBC Three comedy PRU and working for the forward-thinking Fully Focused Productions. She has some really interesting advice to share about how to start working in TV, and opinions on what the industry needs to do to be better.


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Kate Daughton sets up Sai Kung Boys

Departing BBC comedy boss Kate Daughton has set up a TV production company. The Upstart Crow and Man Like Mobeen commissioner registered a business - Sai Kung Boys - with Companies House on 31 March, just a few days after she revealed her departure from the BBC.

Broadcast, 9th April 2021

Henrik Persson interview

"A huge part of why I got into comedy was to understand the mechanics of it."

The Comedy Loser, 4th April 2021

Triggernometry duo sign to Blue Book Artist Management

Blue Book Artist Management has signed up comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster, hosts of the worldwide smash hit podcast and YouTube channel Triggernometry.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 2nd April 2021

Comedy firms receive cash lifelines

Comedy clubs, theatres and producers have received a share of the government's latest £400million tranche of loans and grants to try to keep them afloat during lockdown.

Chortle, 2nd April 2021

BBC Four to become archive channel

Overhaul means channel will no longer commission original content but will broadcast performances.

Lucy Campbell, The Guardian, 30th March 2021

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Sitcom Geeks.
Sitcom Geeks: Episode 163 - The State of Things
What will the comedy writing landscape look like as we come out of covid? James and Dave are surprisingly upbeat about the future for comedy writing despite the demise of...

Delightful Sausage. Image shows from L to R: Chris Cantrill, Amy Gledhill.
ComComPod: Episode 368 - The Delightful Sausage
Gloriously disgusting double-act The Delightful Sausage is comprised of jointly and severally brilliant Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill, for whom every line is a rug-pull, every image a rat being...

Sooz Kempner.
ComComPod: Episode 367 - Sooz Kempner
"Come for the musical theatre, stay for the trauma!" That was the manifesto of the "Asda Kate Bush" Sooz Kempner, on her debut hour, an extraordinary verbatim performance of the...

Sitcom Geeks.
Sitcom Geeks: Episode 162 - Fun With Father Ted - Lissa Evans
Writer, producer and acclaimed comic novelist Lissa Evans tells us what it was like directing and producing Father Ted - and what makes a funny script.