Not Now Darling. Miss Whittington (Trudi Van Doorn). Copyright: Not Now Films Limited.

Trudi Van Doorn

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Trudi Van Doorn is an actor.


Year Production Role
1986 Fresh Fields - Series 4 (as Geraldine Gardner)
  1. E5 - Takes Two To Tango
Miss Henshaw
1985 Fresh Fields - Series 3 (as Geraldine Gardner)
  1. E5 - Crossed Lines
Miss Henshaw
1983 Good Night And God Bless (as Geraldine Gardner)
  1. E2 - Little Green Eyed Monster
1979 Are You Being Served? - Series 7 (as Geraldine Gardner)
  1. E2 - Strong Stuff This Insurance
Dressing Gown
1974 Up The Workers - Series 1 Deirdre Hargreaves
1973 What A Carry On! Self
1973 ...And Mother Makes Three - Series 4
  1. E6 - Starting Trouble
Air stewardess
1973 Not Now Darling Miss Whittington
1969 A Hole Lot Of Trouble Wife

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