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Good Omens to return for third and final series

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that Good Omens will return for a third series, but it will be the final set of episodes for the comedy drama starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen.

British Comedy Guide, 14th December 2023

What is it about the books of Terry Pratchett that make them so difficult to adapt to the screen?

Despite Pratchett having written more than 40 novels, the odds are that most people reading this will either not have read him, nor even heard of him.

Darren Paul Fisher, The Conversation, 15th August 2023

Stamps celebrate Terry Pratchett's Discworld saga

A set of stamps celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sir Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel, The Colour Of Magic, has been published.

BBC, 3rd August 2023

Kickstarter for graphic novel adaptation of Good Omens goes live

The official graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's and Terry Pratchett's novel Goods Omens has launched via Kickstarter and will be published by Dunmanifestin, the publishing branch of the Terry Pratchett Estate.

Katie Fraser, The Bookseller, 1st August 2023

Good Omens Series 2 review

David Tennant and Michael Sheen's chemistry make this a hit.

Nick Hilton, The Independent, 28th July 2023

Good Omens Series 2 review

With an excellent cast and imagination to spare, Good Omens season two is a warm hug of a TV show.

Juliette Harrisson, Den Of Geek, 28th July 2023

Terry Pratchett would love the queer politics of Good Omens 2

David Tennant's devil and Michael Sheen's angel are one of television's great odd couple romances.

Marc Burrows, The New Statesman, 27th July 2023

Good Omens Series 2 review

It became evidently clear following the release of Series 1 that Good Omens was one for the fans and their support gave the show life.

Guy Lambert, The Upcoming, 26th July 2023

Good Omens to be adapted into a graphic novel

Terry Pratchett's and Neil Gaiman's 1990 novel Good Omens will be adapted into a graphic novel by illustrator Colleen Doran.

Katie Fraser, The Bookseller, 25th May 2023

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