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Paul Dunphy is a 39-year-old Irish actor, comedian and writer. He is company director at Northern Imposters Productions.

Year Production Role
2024 Top CEO speaks out on workers rights - Broken News Roger Cumquat
2024 "Childhood hero" exposed as terrible person - Broken News Ronnie Squiggins
2024 Tories attack "sick note culture" - Broken News Dua Lipa Sidebottom
2024 Tory plan to win back votes - Broken News Eric Fundamentals
2024 Tory plan to win back votes - Broken News Lord Sir Edwin Beaufort MP
2024 Disappearing journalists "is totally fine" - Broken News John E. Foreigner
2024 Wealthy voters call for election tax cuts - Broken News Banger Pisschips
2024 Pret A Manger saves UK - Broken News Ron Jon Diddles
2024 Public urged to forgive Prince Andrew - Broken News Kimberley Erstwhile
2024 Have I Got News For You - Series 67
  1. E1 - Episode One
Writer (Additional Material)
2024 Mansplaining attempt goes wrong - Broken News Semen Charisma
2024 Two celebrities to start podcast - Broken News Cardamom Flange
2024 UK campaigners "get their country back" - Broken News Dwayne Carrots
2024 Conservatives publish "Racism Rate Card" - Broken News Mick Niles
2024 Bradley Walsh signs new TV contract - Broken News Peter Hypersissons
2024 Chancellor announces exciting Budget - Broken News Charity Salmon
2024 Rupert Murdoch yet to decide next Prime Minister - Broken News Quimly Tenuous
2024 Ofcom recruitment Ensemble Actor
2024 Reporter finds "Russia is great, actually" - Broken News Cucker Tarlson
2024 Labour election strategy leaked - Broken News Pebbledash Gibbons
2024 US accused of supporting human rights abuses - Broken News Samantha Mumba
2024 When you hire someone using LinkedIn LinkedIn Man
2024 Jacob Rees-Mogg attacks Prime Minister - Broken News Brian Farfarfarfarcles
2024 UK educational standards "at lowest ever" - Broken News Lesley Aaaargh
2024 UK blindsided by Snowmageddon - Broken News Wangerbang P. Trompette
2024 MP Lee Anderson named "Britain's brainiest" - Broken News Alphonse Pokwibs B.A. (Hons)
2024 Post Office Scandal sparks major change - Broken News Unbelievable Kinnock
2024 Happy New Year - Broken News Hiroshima Twinkle
2023 Truffle Oil - Broken News Bobson Dugnutt
2023 Santa Under Fire - Broken News Geralb Fnoot
2023 Tories launch campaign to find new MPs - Broken News Hereditary Fingers
2023 Cat death dominates news - Broken News Chegwin Ballsaque
2023 Voters set to elect similar party - Broken News Jed Ringpiece
2023 British public supports totally privatising NHS - Broken News Peter P. Ffiniffer-Faff
2023 British public supports totally privatising NHS - Broken News Wendy 'Wondy' Wandy
2023 People being "unfair" to client journalists - Broken News Daddy
2023 Men with large cars "better endowed" - Broken News Colin Tweed
2023 Scientists claim "miracle" energy breakthrough - Broken News Terry Nutkins
2023 Online activist shouts themselves to death - Broken News Dick Fock
2023 Have I Got News For You - Series 66
  1. E4 - Episode Four
  2. Special - Have I Got 2023 For You
Writer (Additional Material)
2023 UK Government cleared of corruption - Broken News Garam Masala
2023 Context is dead - Broken News Rymson Twelvearse
2023 Cinema deterrent - Broken News Bingle T. Bongledene
2023 Cyclists to form new master race - Broken News Steve-Steve Kebab
2023 French stunned by British inaction - Broken News Donald Slut
2023 Apple launches 'exciting' product range - Broken News Gowan Myson
2023 Mercedes, BMW & Audi announce new car - Broken News Benny Landy
2023 100% of Britons now support Brexit - Broken News Cha Lounge
2023 Man brutally cancelled by left wing - Broken News Jailbear Bummingsnast
2023 Woman jailed for mentioning Italian heritage - Broken News Kitchin Corduroy-Bisquits
2023 LinkedIn users suffering from "Arsehole Fatigue" Dan Bastard
2023 BBC announces new blueprint for future - Broken News Jonty Moobs
2023 Nice man arrested for killing family - Broken News Gimp Dermatitis
2023 MP shocked by online abuse - Broken News Shag Nasty
2023 News overload causes outrage Aaaaron Sheathe
2023 BBC announces new local strategy - Broken News Japps Parp
2023 British Values - Broken News McChesney Imitation
2023 The Coronation - Broken News Bosty Rimmer
2023 Jesus Christ - Broken News Fintan Wondercube
2023 Unsafe Space - Series 1
View episodes
  1. E1 - Episode One
  2. E2 - Episode Two
  3. E3 - Episode Three
  4. E4 - Episode Four
  5. E5 - Episode Five
  6. E6 - Episode Six
Larry and Paul
2022 Have I Got News For You - Series 64
  1. Special - Have I Got 2022 For You
Writer (Additional Material)
2022 The Emily Atack Show - Series 3
  1. E6 - Future
Ensemble Actor
2022 The Delightful Sausage: Nowt But Sea Cedric L'Shay
2022 The Delightful Sausage: Nowt but Sea Guest
2022 Have I Got News For You - Series 63
  1. E1 - Episode One
  2. E8 - Episode Eight
Writer (Additional Material)
2022 Unsafe Space - Pilot Larry and Paul
2021 Question Team - Series 1
  1. E7 - Episode Seven
Paul Grandé
2021 Vaccination Centre - Larry & Paul Various
2021 The Delightful Sausage On Staycations Ensemble Actor
2019 The Delightful Sausage tour Manchester's Christmas Market Jackie Worsley
2019 Harry Hill's ClubNite
  1. E3 - Episode Three
Ensemble Actor

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39 years-old
Irish / English
Home town
Resident of
England (Leeds)
Corrie McGuire Management
Agent (voice)
Damn Good Voices

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