Matthew Highton
Matthew Highton

Matthew Highton

  • Actor, writer, director, producer, editor, stand-up comedian and animator
Matthew Highton at the French Dispatch exhibition. Matthew Highton

Matthew Highton is an actor, writer, director, producer, editor, stand-up comedian and animator.

Year Production Role
2023 The Skewer: Three Twisted Years Animation
2021 Pirates Uptown Records Punter
2021 If Boris Johnson was GamesMaster Director
2021 If Boris Johnson was GamesMaster Self
2021 Clippy Ki-Yay Writer
2021 Clippy Ki-Yay Self
2021 Furloughed Writer
2021 Furloughed Ensemble Actor
2020 How to Floss Director
2020 How to Floss Writer
2020 What Americans think British kids sound like Self
2020 Wells Comedy Festival Self
2020 Quick-Fire Film Comedy Festival Writer
2020 The Voice Editor
2020 The Voice Director
2020 Distress Call Producer
2020 Distress Call Director
2020 Distress Call Writer
2020 Distress Call Control (Voice)
2020 Vault Festival Self
2020 Deepfakes Editor
2020 Deepfakes Director
2020 Deepfakes Self
2019 Jenny Bede: Balls Director
2019 Candles Director
2019 Insomnia Brain Animation
2019 Insomnia Brain Brain (Voice)
2019 How to Conjure a Spirit Clive Pancetta
2019 Trapped in the Mirror Dimension Writer
2019 Trapped in the Mirror Dimension Man
2018 How To Do Regional Accents Director
2018 Berks Director
2018 Richard Soames: Let's Make a Movie Director
2018 Matthew Highton - Insufficient Memory Self
2018 Will you get off with my mate? Editor
2018 Will you get off with my mate? Director
2018 Will you get off with my mate? Friend
2018 Where are they now? - Irish Bat Presenter
2018 Spectre of Shame Group Member
2018 Renaissance Man in crowd
2017 Ghost Police
View episodes
  1. E1 - George & Dragon Hotel
  2. E2 - Hellfire Caves
Director of Photography
2017 Ghost Police
  1. E1 - George & Dragon Hotel
2017 How to draw an Elephant Director
2017 How to Carve a Pumpkin Director
2017 Tony Law And Friends In The Battle For Icetopia Actor
2017 How to break the ice at parties Director
2017 Robert Johnson & The Devil Man Director
2017 Apoca Lips Director
2017 Apoca Lips Writer
2016 The Girl Who Has Never Laughed Passer-by
2016 A Load Of Croc
  1. E3 - The Talent Show
2016 Die Trying - Series 2
  1. E3 - Clever Girl
2016 A Load Of Croc
View episodes
  1. E1 - The Dinner Party
  2. E2 - The Coal Party
  3. E3 - The Talent Show
2016 Matthew Highton's I, the Universe Self
2016 Comedians Cinema Club Self
2016 Die Trying - Series 1
  1. E11 - High In Tent City
2016 Angry Business Woman - Yoga (as Matt Highton) Producer
2016 Double Act Producer
2016 Double Act Director
2016 Angry Business Woman - Coffee (as Matt Highton) Producer
2016 Angry Business Woman Producer
2016 The Girl Whisperer - Series 2
  1. E2 - Episode Two
2014 Matthew Highton's Good Luck Sleeping Jerks Self
2013 Matthew Highton's It Came from the Mud Self
2012 Matthew Highton's End of the Road Self
2011 Matthew Highton's Shadowed Vagary Self
2010 Incidental Combobulations Self

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Matt Highton

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