Quick-Fire Film Comedy Festival

The first online Quick-Fire Film Comedy Festival ran over the bank holiday weekend, with teams of up to six people working
completely remotely and without breaking social distancing rules to produce 30 short films. This video features the results.

How it worked

After a briefing on Zoom at 10am, the teams had until 5pm to submit a 90 second mini-masterpiece, based on a theme and including a specific prop. The films premiered live on YouTube at 8pm, and viewers had 10 minutes to vote for their favourite film using Google Forms. Awards were presented during a 'black-tie-on-top' ceremony, also held on Zoom.

During the day, participants kept in touch using the hashtag #QFFilmFest on Twitter, sharing behind the scenes content and bloopers.

The live-action and animated films featured more than 60 performers, 4 dogs, stop-motion eggs, green-screen action sequences, sentient balls, killer boxes, and even a life-sized Barbie doll.

The event was run by Benjamin Sutton (BBC Studios), who is no stranger to creating innovative, short-form content, having produced BBC3's Quickies, and Charlie Dinkin, a live comedy director and current BBC Radio Comedy contract writer.

Benjamin says: "I nearly burst a blood vessel trying to manage the tech from my bedroom, but seeing what a group of both experienced and totally brand-new comics managed to produce in exceptional circumstances was absolutely magical."

Charlie says: "I hope that anyone who is feeling creatively blocked right now sees the incredible films that our teams managed to make under pressure, with extremely limited resources, and feels inspired to give it a go themselves."

Charlie Dinkin Host / Presenter
Benjamin Sutton Host / Presenter
Hamish Lloyd Barnes Ensemble Actor
Tristan Robinson Ensemble Actor
Writing team
Maddie Campion Writer
Zach Grey Writer
Olga Koch Writer
Ronan Shiels Writer
Philipp Prestel Writer
Sarah Donald Writer
Ania Magliano Writer
Laurie Plowright Writer
Leo Reich Writer
Emmeline Downie Writer
Lizzy Mansfield Writer
Frankie Thompson Writer
Emerald Paston Writer
Will Tribble Writer
Ellie Scanlan Writer
Andrew Nolan Writer
Catherine Brinkworth Writer
Jon Dinkin Writer
Aidan Fitzmaurice Writer
Ian Dunphy Writer
Christian Brighty Writer
Adam Brighty Writer
Vanessa Hammick Writer
Fiona Sagar Writer
Anthony Lewis Writer
Laura Allen Writer
Chris Anastasi Writer
Rory Woodbridge Writer
Sophie Worger Writer
William Stone Writer
Jen Ives Writer
Katie Davison Writer
Ben Goldsmith Writer
Sam Lake Writer
Jonah Moore Writer
Matthew Highton Writer
Alexander Fox Writer
Sally Hodgekiss Writer
Mariana Feijó Fernandes (as Mariana Feijó) Writer
Jack Gregson Writer
Jess Bray Writer
Nathan Foad Writer
Joz Norris Writer
Miranda Holms Writer
Kester Leek Writer
Verona Rose Writer
Shabaneh Razvand Writer
Jessica Lucia Andrade Writer
Anneka Gouldbourne Writer
Amanda Halipi Writer
Holly Fry Writer
Tristan Robinson Writer
Hamish Lloyd Barnes Writer
Bróccán Tyzack-Carlin Writer
Ellen Waddell Writer
Steve Dawson Writer
Francesca Reid Writer
Lisa Ronaghan Writer
Rebecca Schuster Writer
Dan Wye Writer
Gethin Alderman Writer
Luke Rollason Writer
Amy Greaves Writer
Prawny Ford Writer
Production team
Charlie Dinkin Creator
Benjamin Sutton Creator

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