Christian Brighty
Christian Brighty

Christian Brighty

  • Actor, writer, producer and editor
  1. 27th May: Chortle's Fast Fringe returns (Chortle)
Christian Brighty. Copyright: Ben Meadows
Christian Brighty is an actor, writer, producer and editor.

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Leicester Comedy Festival Awards 2022
Best Debut Show: Nominee
Sketch Off! 2022
Main Award: Nominee


Year Production Role
2022 Time To Move To The Sewers Ensemble Actor
2022 Christian Brighty: Playboy Self
2022 The Falmouth Cringe Self
2022 Brighton Fringe Self
2022 Brighton Fringe Self
2022 April Fools Festival Self
2021 Christian Brighty: Playboy (WIP) Self
2021 Privates present Sex Education Writer
2021 Privates present Sex Education Sex Demonstration Man
2020 Pigeon Boy Editor
2020 Pigeon Boy Producer
2020 Pigeon Boy Writer
2020 Pigeon Boy Da Thief
2020 Quick-Fire Film Comedy Festival Writer
2020 Vault Festival Self
2019 Privates: A Sperm Odyssey Self
2018 Wigwam Wonder Jam Self
2016 A Load Of Croc
  1. E2 - The Coal Party
  2. E3 - The Talent Show
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