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New book to shine a light on creation of 1970s sitcoms

Raising Laughter, a new book due to be published in September, will take a look at the creation of 1970s sitcoms. Writer Robert Sellers has interviewed a number of those involved in the shows.

British Comedy Guide, 17th June 2021

Remembering Bread: a sitcom with heart

Former cast members remember classic moments, lifelong friendships and a visit from the McCartneys.

Sarah O'Hara, Liverpool Echo, 31st May 2021

10 peerless funny women of British TV comedy

From Kathy Burke to Victoria Wood... a selection of some of the funniest female writers and comedians to have made their mark on British television.

Hannah Gatward, British Film Institute, 4th December 2018

Carla Lane's funeral due to be held in Liverpool

The funeral of TV sitcom writer Carla Lane is due to be held later in her home city of Liverpool.

BBC News, 9th June 2016

Carla Lane's funeral to be held at Liverpool Cathedral

The funeral of award-winning TV sitcom writer Carla Lane will be held at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

BBC News, 6th June 2016

Carla Lane's sitcom Bread and its legacy in Liverpool

Carla Lane, who has died aged 87, was perhaps best known for creating the popular 1980s sitcom Bread, set in her home city of Liverpool. But while for many viewers the trials and tribulations of the Boswell family were simply a slice of early evening entertainment, Liverpudlians had a far more complex relationship with the show.

Bronwyn Jones, BBC News, 3rd June 2016

Butterflies review - Carla Lane's masterpiece

Just as Carla Lane was one of the few women to crack the male-dominated world of 70s comedy, so Butterflies gave rare subversive voice to a mature suburban woman.

Michael Hogan, The Guardian, 2nd June 2016

Carla Lane, television scriptwriter - obituary

Carla Lane, who has died aged 87, created The Liver Birds, Butterflies and Bread, classic television sitcoms that crowned her the most successful woman writer in British television comedy; she was also a prominent, if eccentric, campaigner for animal rights.

The Telegraph, 1st June 2016

Carla Lane created funny women - that was the norm then

In the world of 1980s television, female characters and writers were everywhere. What's gone wrong?

Viv Groskop, The Guardian, 1st June 2016

Wendy Craig remembers Carla Lane

"Her greatest gift was that she understood women and wrote the truth about them." Wendy Craig is recalling her long-time friend Carla Lane and their collaboration on one of TV's best-remembered series, Butterflies.

Peter Stanford, The Telegraph, 1st June 2016

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