Andrew Dunn (I)

Andrew Dunn is an actor.

Known for


Year Production Role
2018 dinnerladies diaries Self
2017 Our Friend Victoria
  1. Our Friend Victoria At Christmas
2017 Attack Of The Adult Babies George
2017 Our Friend Victoria
  1. E3 - Sex
  2. E1 - Age
2016 Bridget Jones's Baby Director of Photography
2011 My Family - Series 11
  1. E9 - Darts All, Folks
2010 Pat And Margaret Jim
2009 Victoria Wood: Seen On TV Self
2009 Joan Of Arc, And How She Became A Saint Jean de Metz
2000 Victoria Wood With All The Trimmings Ensemble Actor
2000 Rory Bremner: Blair Did It All Go Wrong? Ensemble Actor
1999 dinnerladies - Series 2 Tony
1998 dinnerladies - Series 1 Tony

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