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Friday 9th October 2020

One of the major aims of BCG Pro is to generate job opportunities for our members, and we start this newsletter with a great writers' room opportunity.

Online channel Pulped is building a writers' room

Online channel Pulped is building a writers' room Paywall, a new online comedy channel, has teamed up with BCG Pro to find comedy/gag writers to join them in their writers' room, which meets in London from time-to-time.

Opportunities Hub

Opportunities Hub Paywall

For a list of more things to get involved in, including projects from other BCG Pro members, head to our Opportunities Hub system.

Sitcom Geeks

Sitcom Geeks

Top sitcom writers Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton (Outnumbered, Kate & Koji, etc) are the guests on the 150th episode of Sitcom Geeks. It's an interesting discussion, although slightly shocking too. It's grounding to hear how even writers of their level get most of their scripts rejected.

How to write for Radio 4 show The Skewer

How to write for Radio 4 show The Skewer Paywall

Jon Holmes's extraordinary Radio 4 show The Skewer is back - and, as he explains in this interview, he's always on the lookout for new ideas and new writers. This feature includes details on what they're looking for, and how to submit.



Hopefully all those of you who're writers are submitting to Newsjack. About this point in every single series is when the volume of submissions really drop off, so perseverance is recommended! To get an edge, read our tips, compiled in association with the show's script editors.


Zoom seminar: Can you make a living writing comedy?

Next Thursday (15th October), the Writers' Guild is running a free Zoom session at 2pm in which Dave Cohen, Bennett Arron, Hannah George and Emily Allen will be discussing how to make a living from comedy writing.

My Comedy Career: Katie Pritchard

My Comedy Career: Katie Pritchard Paywall

Katie Pritchard does - deep breath - musical comedy, acting, music, singing, writing, improv, art, design, and more. She has some great thoughts on how collaboration helps make projects great.

Gold Christmas cracker joke competition 2020 opens

Gold Christmas cracker joke competition 2020 opens

TV channel Gold's annual topical Christmas cracker joke competition is now open for entries. You've got until 25th October to submit festive gags, so get creating!

BBC Studios announces 4 new comedy producers

BBC Studios announces 4 new comedy producers

BBC Studios has announced the hiring of four new executives to its comedy production team.

Anil Gupta joins Sky Studios

Anil Gupta joins Sky Studios

BAFTA-winning writer and producer Anil Gupta has joined Sky Studios as creative director for original comedy in the UK.

BCG Pro Talent Awards Writing 2020 winners

BCG Pro Talent Awards Writing 2020 winners

Ralph Jones was the overall winner of the BCG Pro Talent Awards for Writing 2020. A big congratulations to all those who were shortlisted by our expert judging panel.

Screenshot competition launched for writer-performers

Screenshot competition launched for writer-performers

Screenshot, a competition for comedy writer-performers has been launched. It's being co-run via Olivia Colman's production company South Of The River Pictures.

The Secret Reviewer #19: Captain Plugwatch

The Secret Reviewer #19: Captain Plugwatch Paywall

Every month our clandestine critic reveals the murky truths behind live comedy and the murky art of critiquing. This month: Tread carefully when a comedian plugs another comic.

BBC Studio renews partnership with Fudge Park

BBC Studio renews partnership with Fudge Park

BBC Studios has announced that it has renewed its partnership with Fudge Park Productions, the company founded by Inbetweeners creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley.

Comedian's Comedian

Comedian's Comedian Podcast

Kim Noble and Mat Ewins are two comedians who perform very differently from other comics (and each other). They're the latest two interviewees on this podcast looking at how performers do what they do.

In My Skin

In My Skin

Studying scripts of TV shows that have been made can be a great way to hone your craft. The BBC has made all the scripts for In My Skin, the recently shown comedy drama, available on its website. The series is still on iPlayer, allowing you to make a direct comparison with what appeared on screen.

BCG Pro Gag-a-week competition

BCG Pro Gag-a-Week competition Paywall

We had our first repeat winner of this competition recently. The gags are judged as blind submissions, so there's no limit to how many times you can win this. Pets is the topic this week.


Online comedy courses

An online course can be the best way to really focus on learning a new skill (or sharpening an existing skill). There're various courses running through BCG Pro this autumn, and if a group environment doesn't suit you, one-on-one services are available too.

Jeffrey Aidoo

Jeffrey Aidoo interview

Here's an interesting interview with up-and-coming writer Jeffrey Aidoo. In there is a phrase we're hearing more and more nowadays, in terms of building a full-time career in comedy: "Versatility is the key".


This section of our newsletter is where we showcase BCG Pro subscribers. Want to appear here? Just email us back.

3MMs - Sketch series

Sketch group the 3MMs have been performing sketches live for a few years now but, like many, are now also turning to the internet to showcase their work. They've just launched their first web series and they have a real eye for making sure their scenes are visually striking.

Comedy Casebook

Comedy Casebook: Ben Fairey

Actor, musician and producer Ben Fairey has taken on our interview questions (you can find them under the Profile Editor option, if you want to have a go yourself). The best advice he's ever been given? "Follow your heart and keep your vibrations positive."

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We'll be back in your inbox in a fortnight with news of some new competitions. If you have any questions or want to discuss comedy with other creatives in the meantime, head over to our Creating Comedy message board.

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