Man Down - Series 1

New Channel 4 sitcom starting next week featuring Greg Davies in teaching job he couldn't care less for. It's co-written with Stephen Morrison, but I'm not overly familiar with his past work. Hopefully it'll be a decent vehicle for Greg Davies as I always enjoy him on panel shows and his part in The Inbetweeners was great. Not seen any trailers as of yet, so difficult to judge.

I've seen one trailer, and it looked really funny.
I think I saw Rik Mayall?

Oh yes, he's in the credits. D'oh.

Oh so Rik Mayall and Greg Davies finally come face to face. Isn't your doppelganger supposed to kill you?!

Trailer doesn't make me rush to watch it!

Seen several good reviews for this, really looking forward to it. I believe Mayall is playing Greg Davies's Dad.

The trailer didn't seem great but I will be watching all the same, I hope it is good as I do find Greg rather funny!

Not a lot of laughs in the trailer, but it's got Rik Mayall, so I have to watch it!

Just set the Series Record machine thingy. I have high hopes:)

Well I found that rather disappointing. There were a few sniggers in there for me, but the main characters were too irritating and childish to invest any care in.

I just caught the second half of this and was okay. Nothing laugh out loud but a few chuckles

I have to agree, I had really high hopes but it just really failed to grab me how BCG can say this is laugh out loud is beyond me. A few sniggers, nothing outstanding and that was about it, will not be watching the rest of the series. A huge letdown!

Incredibly over hyped.
Why is every underachiever, who hates his/her job in these sort of things a teacher; is he supposed to be a drama teacher?
The now familiar OTT performance by Rik Mayall - albeit sporting facial touperie ala Lionel Jeffries!
Overall it left this viewer with the feeling I'd seen it all before.

Strange start to the episode. The dumping scene felt somehow out of place, and a couple of other small things bugged me too... The escalation of antics by the end of the episode had me in hysterics though.

I made it to the first 15 minutes and just didn't catch me at all.

I kept thinking Roisin Conaty was calling him Dad (rather than Dan). Which confused things for a while.