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My Family

A long-running, high rating BBC One sitcom about an average middle class family. Stars Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker

2000 - 2011  (BBC One)
121 (11 series)
Robert Lindsay, Zoë Wanamaker, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Gabriel Thomson, Siobhan Hayes, Keiron Self, Kris Marshall, Rhodri Meilir, Daisy Donovan, Tayler Marshall
Fred Barron, Ian Brown, James Hendrie, Andrea Solomons, Brian Leveson, Paul Minett, Ed Dyson, Amy Shindler, David Cantor, George Jeffrie
DLT Entertainment Ltd.
& Rude Boy Productions

Ben Harper is a dentist with a cynical outlook on life. He is married to Susan, a control freak who can't cook. They have three children: dosy Nick, shallow Janey and clever Michael.

During the ten series of this sitcom other characters have come and gone. They include Ben and Susan's niece Abi; Ben's dental assistant Brigitte; over-enthusiastic Roger Bailey, a dentist who managed innocently infuriate Ben whenever they met; and Nick's scruffy Welsh friend Alfie Butts.

Our Review: My Family is without a doubt the most successful British sitcom that launched in the 2000s - that is if the judgement is based soley on audience figures. Whilst the last series was a little down on the previous average, almost every week My Family crushes all others in the ratings - millions tune in to see the family's latest adventures.

My Family certainly has all the right ingredients to be an audience-grabber: strong stereotypical characters that are easy to identify with placed in embarrassing and comical (yet believable and familiar) situations.

This show is regularly criticised by many for being rather 'generic', utilising an unsophisticated strategy to make the audience laugh (simple one-liners are key in this sitcom, rather than cleverly built-up jokes). Even the cast have said the scripts are sometimes "dross". This doesn't seem to bother a large percentage of the population though - after all, My Family was carefully designed by creator Fred Barron to appeal to the masses.

Whilst comedy snobs and critics continue to look down on the comedy, it has bulldozed on to notch up over 100 episodes. However, the end is now in sight - Series 11 has been confirmed as the last.