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Marco Zeraschi, owner of Marco's Café on Barry Island, Wales, has had his say after Katie-Jane Morgan claimed she had been asked to leave the establishment because of her noisy baby.

Written by Tom Houghton. The Daily Mirror, 12th August 2015

Everything from the slot machines to the tuppenny donkey derby rides are up for grabs for a 'tidy' sum in a special clear-out of attractions from the park featured in the popular BBC comedy series.

Written by Sam Matthew. The Daily Mail, 28th February 2015

"I feel like they are still living and breathing somewhere," the Into the Woods star tells

Written by Ellie Walker-Arnott. The Radio Times, 20th January 2015

Joanna Page has finally closed the lid on any hopes of bringing back the popular BBC comedy Gavin & Stacey.

Written by Ben Dowell. The Radio Times, 3rd September 2014

The house from Gavin And Stacey is on the market - and it could be yours for £125k.

Metro, 23rd July 2014

I'm inclined to think that it's less a matter of clashing senses of humour than timing.

Written by Alice Jones. The Independent, 14th June 2014

The future looks distinctly bleak for the US version of UK sitcom favourite Gavin & Stacey, following reports that it has been axed before a single episode was even shown.

Metro, 12th October 2013

Gavin & Stacey star Larry Lamb has ruled out a return of the popular sitcom.

Metro, 4th July 2013

Ruth Jones, the co-writer of Gavin & Stacey, says there will be no more episodes of David Cameron's favourite sitcom.

Written by Richard Eden. The Sunday Telegraph, 16th June 2013

BBC comedy's co-creator says Us & Them has translated G&S for an American audience - after several false starts.

Written by Jack Seale. The Radio Times, 17th May 2013

Gavin & Stacey stars James Corden and Ruth Jones stand to make £5 million when the comedy is remade in the US. While a few have been a hit over the pond, most have been surprising - not to mention embarrassing - flops.

Written by Jo Sayer. The Sun, 19th October 2012

Joanna Page has ruled out another series as well as any special episodes of Gavin & Stacey, saying that they show ended when series three came to a close.

Written by Kirsty McCormack. The Daily Mail, 9th October 2012

Gavin & Stacey star Ruth Jones has put a dampener on talk of a revival of the hit sitcom - saying there are not yet any plans to bring it back.

The Sun on Sunday, 26th August 2012

Ronnie Corbett has revealed he would love to take on a role in any new series of hit sitcom Gavin & Stacey - but would not be able to play a Welshman because he cannot do the accent.

WalesOnline, 15th August 2012

Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page reveals her family plan.

The Sun, 29th July 2012

Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page has said she is hoping for a special holiday episode.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 4th July 2012

David Cameron bowed down to the actress Joanna Page last night, disclosing that he is a "huge fan" of the television show Gavin and Stacey.

Written by Murray Wardrop. The Daily Telegraph, 1st March 2012

Chances of a Gavin & Stacey reunion are slim - because the sitcom's two biggest characters have lost too much weight, says co-star Rob Brydon.

Written by Leigh Holmwood. The Sun, 13th February 2012

Comedian Rob Brydon has slated Ruth Jones's idea for a Gavin & Stacey musical.

Written by Laura Caroe. The Sun, 10th February 2012

BBC sitcom co-creator Ruth Jones has revealed a musical version of Gavin and Stacey could be on the cards.

Written by Matt Trueman. The Guardian, 6th December 2011

A case of mistaken identity saw the animal lover accused of voicing ITV's controversial Super Tiny Animals.

Written by Paul Jones. The Radio Times, 1st December 2011

Ruth Jones, who stunned fans earlier this week as she showed off her dramatic weight loss, has revealed that she and Gavin and Stacey co-creator James Corden are planning to write more of the hit TV series in the future.

Written by Rachel Tarley. Metro, 24th November 2011

James Corden says a Gavin & Stacey reunion with co-star Mathew Horne is on his Christmas list - in spite of rumours the pair are at odds.

Written by Andrei Harmsworth. Metro, 7th November 2011

Gavin & Stacey was so popular that fans last year campaigned for a fourth series. 'I hope we'll do a special one day,' says Joanna Page. 'There's been talk of something next year but it's not for sure.

Written by Rebecca Hardy. The Daily Mail, 6th November 2011

Gavin & Stacey star Mathew Horne has warned fans he won't star in a movie version of the hit BBC sitcom.

The Sun, 25th July 2011

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