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Are You Being Served?. Mr. Wilberforce Humphries (John Inman). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Are You Being Served?

Sitcom set in London department store Grace Bros., where the Ladies' Intimate Apparel and Men's Ready To Wear departments are forced to share a floor

Comedy Playhouse
1972 - 1985  (BBC One)
69 (pilot + 10 series)
Trevor Bannister, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, Arthur Brough, James Hayter, Alfie Bass, John Inman, Wendy Richard, Nicholas Smith, Mike Berry, Larry Martyn & more
Jeremy Lloyd, David Croft
British Broadcasting Corporation

The peace and arrangement of ages is thrown into disarray at London department store Grace Brothers when Ladies' Intimate Apparel is moved to the opposite side of the same floor already occupied by Men's Ready To Wear.

Stubborn ladies' manager Mrs. Slocombe is quickly thrown into direct conflict with Mr. Grainger and his staff: particularly cheeky junior salesman Mr. Lucas, who takes a near-instant shine to Slocombe's assistant, buxom young blonde Miss Brahms.

Between Lucas and Grainger is the outrageously camp Mr. Humphries; and above them all are Captain Peacock, the head of the floor; company executive Mr. Rumbold; and the co-founder of the store, positively ancient board chairman 'Young' Mr. Grace, complete with a never-ending stream of farcical sales initiatives.