Are You Being Served?. Image shows from L to R: Mrs. Betty Slocombe (Mollie Sugden), Miss Shirley Brahms (Wendy Richard), Mr. Dick Lucas (Trevor Bannister), Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold (Nicholas Smith), Mr. Mash (Larry Martyn), Mr. Ernest Grainger (Arthur Brough), Mr. Wilberforce Humphries (John Inman), Captain Stephen Peacock (Frank Thornton). Copyright: BBC
Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served? (1972)

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1972 - 1985
  • 69 episodes (10 series)

Sitcom set in London department store Grace Bros., where the Ladies' Intimate Apparel and Men's Ready To Wear departments are forced to share a floor. Stars Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, John Inman, Wendy Richard, Nicholas Smith and more.

  • Pilot, Episode 1 repeated Thursday 7th March at 9:20am on Gold
  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 3,324

Key cast & crew credits

Mollie Sugden Mrs Betty Slocombe
Frank Thornton Captain Stephen Peacock
John Inman Mr Wilberforce Humphries
Wendy Richard Miss Shirley Brahms
Nicholas Smith Mr Cuthbert Rumbold
Trevor Bannister Mr Dick Lucas (Series 1-7)
Arthur English Mr Beverly Harman (Series 4-10)
Arthur Brough Mr Ernest Grainger (Series 1-5)
Harold Bennett Young Mr. Grace (Series 1-8)
Mike Berry Mr Bert Spooner (Series 8-10)
Larry Martyn Mr Mash (Series 1-3)
Alfie Bass Mr Harry Goldberg (Series 7)
James Hayter Mr Percival Tebbs (Series 6)
Penny Irving Miss Bakewell (Series 4-7)
Vivienne Johnson Nurse (Series 6-8)
Candy Davis Miss Belfridge (Series 9-10)
Milo Sperber Mr Grossman (Series 8)
Benny Lee Mr Klein (Series 8)
Kenneth Waller Old Mr Grace (Series 8)
Writing team
Jeremy Lloyd Writer
David Croft Writer (Series 1-8)
Production team
Bernard Thompson Director (Series 1)
Harold Snoad Director (Series 2)
Ray Butt Director (Series 3-5)
David Croft Director (Series 1 & 3 & 7)
Bob Spiers Director (Series 5-6 & 9)
Gordon Elsbury Director (Series 7)
John Kilby Director (Series 8)
Martin Shardlow Director (Series 10)
David Croft Producer (Series 1 & 3-8)
Harold Snoad Producer (Series 2)
Bob Spiers Producer (Series 9)
Martin Shardlow Producer (Series 10)
David Croft Executive Producer (Series 2 & 9-10)
Ken Pimenta Editor (Series 8)
Dave Hambelton Editor (Series 9)
Mykola Pawluk Editor (Series 10)
James Bould Production Designer (Series 1)
Nigel Curzon Production Designer (Series 2)
Rochelle Selwyn Production Designer (Series 3)
Paul Munting Production Designer (Series 4)
Ray London Production Designer (Series 5)
Antony Thorpe Production Designer (Series 6)
Garry Freeman Production Designer (Series 7)
Andrée Welstead Hornby Production Designer (Series 8)
John Stout Production Designer (Series 9)
Bernard Lloyd-Jones Production Designer (Series 10)

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