Carry On Cabby. Image shows from L to R: Flo Sims (Esma Cannon), Peggy Hawkins (Hattie Jacques). Image credit: Anglo Amalgamated.

Carry On Cabby

Sid James stars as the proprietor of a successful cab firm. Suddenly a new taxi company arrive in town, and they have a secret weapon

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Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Esma Cannon, Liz Fraser, Bill Owen, Milo O'Shea, Judith Furse, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Renee Houston & more
Sid Green, Dick Hills, Talbot Rothwell
Anglo Amalgamated
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Charlie Hawkins has spent years building up his taxi business, Speedee Cabs. They may be a little dull, but they're reliable and know their patch inside out. Charlie's also a workaholic, and despite numerous promises made to wife Peggy, he just can't keep off the road. Whilst she dreams of starting a family in a cottage out in the country, her other half is busy dreaming of his next fare!

She knows he loves her, but things come to a head for Peg when Charlie fails to make it home for an anniversary meal - he might've had a child born in the back of his cab, but it's one frustration too many and the excuse just won't wash.

With the help of Speedee's canteen worker Sally, who's also the girlfriend of Charlie's best mate Ted, and another disgruntled wife, Flo, Peg secretly forms a new company: Glamcabs.

They immediately set about recruiting drivers, but are not so much looking for their Knowledge as their assets: namely an ample bust and small waist! With a staff comprised entirely of young female lovelies, Peggy and Sally use every bit of know-how they've picked up over the years to snatch all of the business in the town.

However, Charlie's determined that no young upstarts will get the better of his firm, and he resolves to put each Glamcab off the road one by one - if only it weren't for the pesky customers, all too eager to assist these pretty young things!

Slowly but surely, the girls' sex appeal propels Glamcabs to victory in the business war, and Charlie is distraught when he discovers the identity of the mysterious 'Mrs Glam'.

However, it's the mens' experience, street-smarts and knowledge of the roads that ultimately win out as they rescue Peg and Sal from armed robbers and an eventful cab chase through the town.

But Peggy's still got one last surprise for her husband - he may need to rename the business 'Hawkins & Son'!

Our Review: This delightful entry was the first of the Carry On series to be penned by stalwart Talbot Rothwell, and it shows. It bridges the gap perfectly between the more downplayed early black and white Carry Ons and the more well known, raucous, innuendo-packed films of the late 1960s and early 70s, and for our money is easily the best of the 5 black and white productions in the cannon.