Two Doors Down. Image shows from L to R: Beth (Arabella Weir), Eric (Alex Norton). Copyright: BBC
Two Doors Down

Two Doors Down

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two / BBC One
  • 2013 - 2023
  • 47 episodes (7 series)

Comedy focused on Latimer Crescent residents Eric and Beth Baird, plus their neighbours and immediate family. Stars Arabella Weir, Alex Norton, Doon Mackichan, Jonathan Watson, Elaine C. Smith and more.

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Series 4, Episode 3 - Hospital

Two Doors Down. Image shows from L to R: Michelle (Joy McAvoy), Colin (Jonathan Watson), Heather (Gemma McElhinney), Christine (Elaine C. Smith), Beth (Arabella Weir), Alan (Graeme Stevely). Copyright: BBC
As if the NHS needs any more challenges, Christine now stress-tests nursing staff with a hospital stay.

Further details

As if the NHS needs any more challenges, Christine now stress-tests nursing staff with a hospital stay.

Beth and Cathy think they are doing a good deed when they drop Christine off at the hospital reception, but while Cathy manages to slip away, poor Beth doesn't get off so lightly and finds herself committed to a post-op visit.

Beth and Eric return later with Christine's long list of supplies to find that instead of being sore and exhausted after surgery, she has been sleeping off her dinner - the operation has been postponed until the following morning.

As nurse Heather weathers Christine's demands, Colin arrives, followed by Michelle and Alan. The ensuing group discussion leaves Christine very worried about her chances of survival.

Broadcast details

Monday 21st January 2019
30 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Thursday 4th June 2020 10:30pm BBC Scotland
Saturday 6th June 2020 9:30pm BBC Scotland
Saturday 19th December 2020 9:30pm BBC Scotland
Monday 2nd May 2022 10:30pm BBC Scotland
Tuesday 27th December 2022 9:30pm BBC Scotland
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Cast & crew

Arabella Weir Beth
Alex Norton Eric
Doon Mackichan Cathy
Jonathan Watson Colin
Elaine C. Smith Christine
Joy McAvoy Michelle
Graeme Stevely Alan
Guest cast
Lubna Kerr Receptionist
Gemma McElhinney Heather
Writing team
Simon Carlyle Writer
Gregor Sharp Writer
Production team
Sasha Ransome Director
Catherine Gosling Fuller Producer
Steven Canny Executive Producer
Chris Sussman Executive Producer
Simon Carlyle Executive Producer
Gregor Sharp Executive Producer
Angela Murray Line Producer
Pete Drinkwater Editor
Laura Donnelly Production Designer
Catherine Willis Casting Director
Jo Buckingham Casting Director
Lynn Aitken Costume Designer
Roy Estabrook Director of Photography
Claire Harris Make-up Designer
Mark Ash 1st Assistant Director
Kate Daughton Commissioning Editor


TV Review: Two Doors Down

Certainly, the jokes in this fourth series are easier to see coming than before, but by this stage in the game the comedy is coming more from the characters than the situation.

Alison Rowat, The Herald, 22nd January 2019

Beth pays Christine a post-op visit, but is surprised to discover the operation has been postponed to the following morning. "I thought you were sleeping off the anaesthetic!" "No, I'm sleeping off the steak pie I had for dinner." As the big day looms, the neighbours tactfully discuss her chances round her bedside.

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 21st January 2019

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