Two Doors Down. Image shows from L to R: Beth (Arabella Weir), Eric (Alex Norton). Copyright: BBC
Two Doors Down

Two Doors Down

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two / BBC One
  • 2013 - 2023
  • 47 episodes (7 series)

Comedy focused on Latimer Crescent residents Eric and Beth Baird, plus their neighbours and immediate family. Stars Arabella Weir, Alex Norton, Doon Mackichan, Jonathan Watson, Elaine C. Smith and more.

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Series 3, Episode 3 - Break In

Two Doors Down. Image shows from L to R: Eric (Alex Norton), Cathy (Doon Mackichan), Colin (Jonathan Watson), Christine (Elaine C. Smith), Beth (Arabella Weir). Copyright: BBC
When Cathy and Colin's house is burgled, Cathy goes into meltdown. Beth and Eric find themselves cast as laundress and chief suspect.

Further details

Cathy and Colin have been burgled. They've just returned from holiday and Colin has called the police.

Colin is relatively cool about what has happened but Cathy's beside herself - the thief has taken her emergency stores of Valium. Knowing that an intruder has touched everything she can't stay in her own home a moment longer, so they decamp to Beth's for a cup of tea.

The Bairds' son Ian arrives with his boyfriend Gordon. They've been suiting themselves up for a wedding and so to take their minds off the burglary, everyone insists that the boys try the suits on.

Meanwhile Colin pops home to collect his and Cathy's gear for their sleepover and makes an extremely unwelcome discovery.

Broadcast details

Monday 12th February 2018
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 12th April 2020 11:00pm BBC Scotland
Thursday 16th April 2020 10:00pm BBC Scotland
Sunday 19th April 2020 9:15pm BBC Scotland
Tuesday 13th October 2020 11:20pm Gold
Wednesday 14th October 2020 1:55am Gold
Wednesday 14th October 2020 10:40pm Gold
Sunday 24th January 2021 9:30pm BBC Scotland
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Saturday 7th May 2022 1:10am Gold
Tuesday 12th July 2022 12:25am Gold
Sunday 6th August 2023 10:30pm BBC Scotland

Cast & crew

Arabella Weir Beth
Alex Norton Eric
Doon Mackichan Cathy
Jonathan Watson Colin
Elaine C. Smith Christine
Jamie Quinn Ian
Kieran Hodgson Gordon
Writing team
Simon Carlyle Writer
Gregor Sharp Writer
Production team
Sasha Ransome Director
Margot Gavan Duffy Producer
Steven Canny Executive Producer
Chris Sussman Executive Producer
Simon Carlyle Associate Producer
Gregor Sharp Associate Producer
Angela Murray Line Producer
Pete Drinkwater Editor
Jo Sutherland Production Designer
Jo Buckingham Casting Director
Carole K. Fraser (as Carole Fraser) Costume Designer
Sarah Bartles-Smith Director of Photography
Maxine Dallas Make-up Designer
Morris Milne 1st Assistant Director
Kate Daughton Commissioning Editor
Ewan Angus Commissioning Editor

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