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Series 1, Episode 5 - Wedding

It's Jenny and Tim's wedding day but there's been a disaster and somehow, Brenda and Tony have to fix everything.

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The Kennedys. Image shows from L to R: Tony Kennedy (Dan Skinner), Brenda Kennedy (Katherine Parkinson). Copyright: BBC

It's Jenny and Tim's wedding day and Tony is determined that everything goes according to plan. Emma is their bridesmaid but is anxious to take part in the annual Jessop Square North vs Jessop Square South grudge match. Somehow, she has to be able to play.

Things get off to a disastrous start when Brenda and Emma, in an attempt to help Jenny into her wedding dress, accidentally rip it in two. Somehow they have to find an alternative wedding dress. They've got two hours to go and the clock is ticking. Not only that but Jenny has tasked Brenda with finding her all her lucky old, new, borrowed, blue things. "I didn't think you wanted all that traditional nonsense." "I am going to have a perfect traditional wedding if it kills me. Or you."

Tim, racked with nerves, is of no use to anyone. Tony has to take charge. He sends Emma round to the Palmers. Dee makes costumes for the Ancroft Players and she might just be able to help.

The Palmers arrive to save the day. They've got a costume that might just fit the bill. It's a whale costume from Moby Dick. Jenny is aghast but after some persuasion she realises this is her best bet in the time available. "You've got just under two hours to make this the best whale based wedding dress anyone has ever seen."

Meanwhile, Tony is running round frantically trying to gather all the old, new, borrowed blue things for Jenny's perfect traditional wedding. Emma is keeping an eye on the grudge match "It's not over till the woman from number 47 shouts at us" but in so doing, she's getting herself steadily messier.

The dress is finally fixed and they all get to the registry office just in time for the wedding. Tony's lost his readings and has to recite the first poem that comes into this head. "Mary had a little lamb..." Tim takes over and gives the speech of his life. They've done it. They've got married.

Emma makes it back in time for the final moments of the grudge match, scores and secures victory for her team.

Broadcast details

Friday 30th October 2015
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Katherine Parkinson Brenda Kennedy
Dan Skinner Tony Kennedy
Lucy Hutchinson Emma Kennedy
Harry Peacock Tim
Emma Pierson Jenny
Shola Adewusi Dee Palmer
Clive Rowe David Palmer
Guest cast
Trixiebelle Harrowell Jane
Eliana Sparrow Julie
Casper Allpress Simon Wood
Callum Biggs Terrence
Kate Doherty Woman from No 37
John Voce Ian Birch
Writing team
Emma Kennedy Writer
Lucy Guy Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Christine Gernon Director
Emma Strain Producer
Myfanwy Moore Executive Producer
Richard Webb Executive Producer
Liana Del Giudice Editor
Jim Holloway Production Designer


Dress disaster

Emma and Brenda have to think fast to rescue Jenny's wedding.

Featuring: Katherine Parkinson (Brenda Kennedy), Lucy Hutchinson (Emma Kennedy) & Emma Pierson (Jenny).

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