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Series 1, Episode 4 - Jessopportunity Knocks

Brenda decides to organise a Jessop Square version of hit TV show Opportunity Knocks and she's desperate to win.

Further details

The Kennedys. Brenda Kennedy (Katherine Parkinson). Copyright: BBC

Brenda decides it's high time Jessop Square had its own version of Opportunity Knocks. But what brand new up to the minute fad can she show off? Tony has decided to do kung fu so Brenda sets her sights on the glories of disco. It's disco vs kung fu but who will come out on top?

Emma has seen a skateboard and sets her heart on saving up enough money to buy one. She thinks she might be really good at it "like that time we found out I was really good at conkers. I would have won that championship if I hadn't been let down by a soft nut." In order to make the money she needs she decides to set herself up as a Super Spy for hire.

Brenda is paired up with Jenny but soon realises she's going to have to swap partners if she's going to have any chance of winning. Dee has managed to blag a trophy and David has given Tony the blueprints for a Clapometer. There's everything to play for. Now if Brenda can just make sure she's got every chance of winning...

Brenda tells Tony he's now doing kung fu with Jenny. "I can't do kung fu with a pregnant woman!" Tim is delighted to now be joining Brenda in her quest for disco glory but little do they know that Jenny has previously untapped skills. She can upend a grown man using nothing more than her wrist. "Do you think I'll be able to start moving things with my mind next?" "To be honest Jenny, no."

Brenda and Tim take themselves off to a disco class where things don't go according to plan. Brenda comes up with an idea - they're going to recreate the trailer for Saturday Night Fever. It's something that's never been previously attempted in the history of Jessop Square. There's a face off between them and Jenny and Tony. Battle lines are drawn. May the best team win.

Broadcast details

Friday 23rd October 2015
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Katherine Parkinson Brenda Kennedy
Dan Skinner Tony Kennedy
Lucy Hutchinson Emma Kennedy
Harry Peacock Tim
Emma Pierson Jenny
Shola Adewusi Dee Palmer
Clive Rowe David Palmer
Guest cast
Trixiebelle Harrowell Jane
Casper Allpress Simon Wood
Callum Biggs Terrence
Anna Antoniades Sam
Malcolm Ward Tony Bennett
Writing team
Emma Kennedy Writer
Lucy Guy Writer (Additional Material)
Richard Lumsden Writer (Additional Material)
Paul Kerensa Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Christine Gernon Director
Emma Strain Producer
Myfanwy Moore Executive Producer
Richard Webb Executive Producer
Liana Del Giudice Editor
Jim Holloway Production Designer

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