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The Kennedys. Brenda Kennedy (Katherine Parkinson). Copyright: BBC

Brenda Kennedy

English Teacher.   Played by: Katherine Parkinson

A modern woman of the 1970s, Brenda's strong-willed and not about to let traditional expectations of women and mothers get in her way.

When it comes to driving, however, it might be best that she takes heed of husband Tony's advice...

The Kennedys. Tony Kennedy (Dan Skinner). Copyright: BBC

Tony Kennedy

Art Teacher.   Played by: Dan Skinner

Tony Kennedy is a caring husband to Brenda and doting father to the young Emma. With his head screwed firmly on his shoulders, Tony's often the voice of reason between Emma's juvenile enthusiasm and Brenda's latest social scheme.

The Kennedys. Emma Kennedy (Lucy Hutchinson). Copyright: BBC

Emma Kennedy

Played by: Lucy Hutchinson

Often left trying to make sense of her parents' bizarre behaviour, 10-year-old Emma's an intensely bright and bubbly young girl who won't let anything stand in her way.

The Kennedys. Tim (Harry Peacock). Copyright: BBC


Office Manager.   Played by: Harry Peacock

Tim is one of the Kennedys' neighbours and a close friend of Tony. He lives with his long-term girlfriend, Jenny; he loves her, but has a clear selfish and immature streak, having had a number of affairs in the past.

The Kennedys. Jenny (Emma Pierson). Copyright: BBC


Secretary.   Played by: Emma Pierson

Jenny lives with long-term partner Tim, and is one of Brenda's closest friends. She's not the brightest resident of the square, but there are few people more kind or decent than she.

Currently pregnant, her moods and behaviour are somewhat affected rocketing hormones!

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