SunTrap. Image shows from L to R: Brutus (Bradley Walsh), Woody (Kayvan Novak). Copyright: Happy Tramp Productions


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2015
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Sitcom about one of the UK's best undercover reporters who escapes the authorities by moving to Spain. Kayvan Novak & Bradley Walsh star. Stars Kayvan Novak, Bradley Walsh, Emma Pierson, Jamie Demetriou, Keith Allen and more.

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Series 1, Episode 5 - The Usual Suspects

SunTrap. Image shows from L to R: Melody (Emma Pierson), Woody (Kayvan Novak), Brutus (Bradley Walsh). Copyright: Happy Tramp Productions
Woody, Brutus, Zorro and Melody wake up to find themselves in a prison cell - in fancy dress - with enormous hangovers and only a hazy recollection of the previous night.

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Woody, Brutus, Zorro and Melody wake up to find themselves in a prison cell.

It transpires that they have been detained on suspicion of the murder of Spanish tribute singer Elton Juan, after attending a party in his honour at the mansion of pop impresario SeƱor Big.

Woody didn't attend the party and has only been held on a minor charge of impersonating a lifeguard and he is soon released. With his friends still locked up it's down to Woody to clear their names.

Using his full armoury of characters and disguises, Woody talks his way into Big's mansion to find out what really happened.

During the course of his investigations, Woody meets Frederico Mercury - the Island's top Freddie Mercury impersonator. Mercury has everything to gain from the death of a rival tribute singer. But, as Woody discovers, Elton Juan had many enemies.

Guest starring Paul Kaye, Lee Boardman and Keith Allen.


This episode was broadcast without most of its credits.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 24th June 2015
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Wednesday 24th June 2015 11:35pm BBC1 Scot
Friday 26th June 2015 11:25pm BBC1

Cast & crew

Kayvan Novak Woody
Bradley Walsh Brutus
Emma Pierson Melody
Jamie Demetriou Zorro
Keith Allen Senor Big
Alan Williams Donald Hammer
Diana Payan Lorenza
Bea Segura Captain Carmelita
Guest cast
Bill Holland Sergeant Juan
Lee Boardman Elton Juan
Paul Kaye Frederico Mercury
Jessica Ellerby Waitress
Writing team
Neil Webster Writer
Charlie Skelton Writer
Production team
Ben Palmer Director
Neil Webster Producer
Gregor Sharp Executive Producer
Mark Henson Editor
Julian Nagel Production Designer


Freddie Mercury impersonator

Woody meets Frederico Mercury.

Featuring: Kayvan Novak (Woody), Paul Kaye (Frederico Mercury) & Jessica Ellerby (Waitress).

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