SunTrap. Image shows from L to R: Brutus (Bradley Walsh), Woody (Kayvan Novak). Copyright: Happy Tramp Productions.


BBC One sitcom following two dodgy characters in Spain. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars Kayvan Novak, Bradley Walsh, Emma Pierson, Jamie Demetriou and others.

Press Clippings

It takes quite a script to make Bradley Walsh seem mannered, and the likes of Kayvan Novak, Jamie Demetriou and Keith Allen vanish into the background, and I can only surmise that the actors fancied a spot of filming in the sun. Neil Webster and Charlie Skelton's sitcom told of an undercover reporter on the run on a Spanish island.

Gerard Gilbert, The Independent, 15th December 2015

Final episode of the sun-splashed sitcom-slash-showreel for Kayvan Novak. Brutus's bar is to be snapped up by a property developer, resulting in a handsome handout for Brutus and a looming eviction notice for Woody. Luckily for him, small-time boat tour operator Pirate Pete has a problem with an overly competitive rival and is willing to lavish lucre on anyone able to uncover evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Less luckily, a plot by actual pirates to nobble the investigative reporter seems to be afoot.

Mark Jones, The Guardian, 1st July 2015

A hypnotists' convention hits the island and an exacting audience are seeking a little more from mediocre mentalist The Fabulous Mark, whose big finish backfires in a less-than-fabulous manner. With an audience member on the lam, potentially armed - and under the impression he's the hypnotist's demented nemesis - Woody and Brutus are despatched to seek out the desperado. Meanwhile, Donald finds himself in a wheelchair, leaving wife Melody desperate to avoid playing nurse.

Mark Jones, The Guardian, 10th June 2015

Kayvan Novak's favourite TV

The actor, comedian and prankster on a childhood love of CHiPs and his early-era Neighbours expertise.

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 8th June 2015

SunTrap should be ClapTrap as it is a mirthless mess

A talented cast led by Bradley Walsh and Kayvan Novak are lumbered with lines so bad they have no chance of salvaging this show.

Adam Postans, The Mirror, 6th June 2015

Radio Times review

Kayvan Novak's chirpy ex-hack Woody embarks on another silly caper about a drugs set-up culminating in various high jinks in a funeral parlour. Meanwhile, his old colleague, Bradley Walsh's bar owner Brutus, has to deal with the arrival of his ex-wife, who's none too pleased to discover that her erstwhile (and very much alive) spouse faked his suicide to escape marriage and alimony.

But not even a deliciously angry Tracy-Ann Oberman can entirely rescue an instalment that has a sprinkling of good moments but one or two duff ones. I've seen later episodes and can promise that it picks up.

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 3rd June 2015

Being on holiday in Spain is supposed to be relaxing. But there's a manic, motormouth feel to this Kayvan Novak-starring sitcom that makes it seem as if it's been left out in the sun a little too long. Putting aside the fact that Novak and a bristly Bradley Walsh are both playing former tabloid journalists - hardly the most sympathetic of character traits - their farcical Costa del Crime antics have more in common with 'Allo 'Allo! than Death In Paradise, though Novak's considerable repertoire of accents is put to good use.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 3rd June 2015

The real SunTrap - Location guide

Writer and producer Neil Webster guides us around the setting of Bradley Walsh and Kayvan Novak's new comedy.

Jade Bremner, Radio Times, 2nd June 2015

SunTrap episode 1 review

Falling largely flat from the opening moments, the sun will set on this show soon enough, but based on this opener, it already feels like it's been left out in the heat too long.

Dale Cowan, Cult Box, 30th May 2015

SunTrap review

SunTrap deserves a chance. It's a clever idea: Kayvan Novak is an undercover reporter, on the run from his editor after a botched investigation at Buckingham Palace, and hiding out in a Mediterranean beach shack owned by a washed-up former journo (Bradley Walsh).

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 28th May 2015