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  • TV comedy drama
  • Sky One
  • 2012 - 2017
  • 58 episodes (6 series)

Comedy drama written by and starring Ruth Jones as Stella, a single mother struggling in the Welsh valleys. Stars Ruth Jones, Joanna Riding, Piers Ahia, Patrick Baladi, Craig Gallivan and more.

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Ruth Jones's excellent comedy drama heads towards its conclusion, and things aren't looking quite as rosy for Stella (Jones). Tonight the girls enjoy a pampering session at a luxury spa for Emma's hen weekend, while the boys head off on a camping adventure for Sunil's stag do. Meanwhile, Stella is less than thrilled when her estranged husband Rob returns to Pontyberry and bonds with their son Luke.

Simon Horsford, The Telegraph, 23rd February 2012

A little more drama than comedy this week, but that's absolutely fine. Pontyberry is in party mood, with Luke celebrating his 25th and undertakers Bobby and Daddy trying to rehearse their duet. Luke's estranged dad is back, Jas is out to catch her man, and Stella joins Sean at the boxing club and spars with Joe Calzaghe. Yes, really.

Writers Ruth Jone and Rob Gittins juggle a lot of balls but still have time for joyous incidental characters and magnificent throwaway lines. That's just showing off.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 17th February 2012

Single Welsh mother Stella (Ruth Jones) is in high spirits as this fine comedy drama continues. It's son Luke's (Craig Gallivan) 25th birthday and so the family decide to throw a big party. But the birthday boy doesn't know what to do about the return of his estranged father. How will Stella react to the fact her ex is back in town? There's good news for fans, however: the show was recently recommissioned for a second 10-part run to air next year.

Rachel Ward, The Telegraph, 16th February 2012

It's Luke's birthday and Stella pulls out all the stops to make it a day to remember, but little does she know his real dad, Rob, is in town to join the party. "I'm your dad, Luke," says prodigal dad to disbelieving offspring in a nice nod to Star Wars. Meanwhile, Big Alan is getting a taste of his own medicine thanks to the relentless attentions of Nancy the amorous Brummie, and Stella takes up boxing, thus enabling her interaction with tonight's celeb cameo, Joe Calzaghe. Knockout.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 16th February 2012

In the real world, Stella would so be with solid, dependable lollipop man Alan. But this is Ruth Jones's cheery comedy drama so, despite the gritty Welsh setting, she bags hunky Sean (Kenny Doughty), the tousled young man that does... quite a lot. But is he a keeper or just a fly-by-night? And has prospective son-in-law Sunil been playing away?

Colin Kennedy, Metro, 10th February 2012

If you're chilled by the winter evenings, try Ruth Jones's warm Welsh lilt of a show. It'll put a spring in your step to match its heroine. Single mother-of-three Stella is wearing a smile wider than the Rhondda Valley, thanks to a night with her new fella Sean.

It means heartbreak for lollipop man Alan, who's even sporting a toupee in a bid to impress her. Maybe his luck will change with hopeless but hearty life coach Nancy Crock (a lovely turn from Joanna Scanlan). But the thrust of the episode is Stel's suspicion that her son-in-law-to-be, Sunil, is playing away. What will she tell her expectant daughter Emma?

Stella is funny and friendly - who wouldn't want to live in Pontyberry? - with beautifully surreal touches to give it some bite, like the horse who lives in the house opposite. Beaut!

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 10th February 2012

Have you been watching ... Stella?

Ruth Jones writes and stars in this warm and witty Sky1 comedy drama about a Welsh single mum.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 10th February 2012

Ruth Jones's enjoyably observant comedy about a Welsh single mother finds her character, Stella, in buoyant mood after a night with dishy painter and decorator Sean (Kenny Doughty). "Oh my God, I'm 42 and I'm snogging in the street," she says. Meanwhile, lovestruck, and pregnant, daughter Emma (Catrin Stewart) suspects her boyfriend Sunil (Rory Girvan) is cheating on her when her brother Luke sees him with another girl. And so the ever-protective Stella undertakes a reconnaissance mission to find out exactly what he's up to.

Pete Naughton, The Telegraph, 9th February 2012

Sky order 2nd series of Ruth Jones comedy drama Stella

Sky1 has ordered a ten-part second series of Stella, the comedy drama created by and starring Ruth Jones.

British Comedy Guide, 9th February 2012

The lush Welsh landscape is an unexpected bonus of Ruth Jones's eccentrically feelgood series and we take the scenic route to the Brecon Beacons after her brother Dai and Paula's hilariously passionate relationship hits an ­unexpected wobble.

Romantically though, single mum of three Stella is about to turn a corner herself as she prepares for a date with toyboy painter and decorator Sean.

But, at 42, she's not sure she's ready yet to plunge back into all that carry on. How long does it take to lose 2st anyway?

Lovestruck rugby coach Alan finds himself enlisted in Stella's new fitness regime, but what she doesn't seem to have noticed is that he's keeping a special VIP area in his heart just for her.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 3rd February 2012

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