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  • TV comedy drama
  • Sky One
  • 2012 - 2017
  • 58 episodes (6 series)

Comedy drama written by and starring Ruth Jones as Stella, a single mother struggling in the Welsh valleys. Stars Ruth Jones, Joanna Riding, Piers Ahia, Patrick Baladi, Craig Gallivan and more.

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Ruth Jones's series about the chaotic life of a divorcee in the Welsh valleys has always had a bit of steel beneath its joyful family dynamics and cosily eccentric characters. On the evidence of the opening episode of series two, there'll be more drama this year in the aftermath of the first run's cliffhanger: Stella (Jones) might not live happily ever after with her new man Sean, since the baby she's expecting might not be his, and her rekindled old flame, Rob, is inconveniently still around.

We're setting up the new storylines tonight but, in between, there are the usual bursts of bawdy comic relief, from Stella's heroically rude aunt, back from Tenerife and insulting everyone in Pontyberry, to dipsomaniac undertaker Paula (Elizabeth Berrington). Her husband Dai is more involved in the business now, but needs a lot of training. "Well, of course, they have to be dead first! It won't work otherwise, will it?"

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 11th January 2013

It's a tribute to the strength of Ruth Jones's writing (and the on-screen class of old hands like Elizabeth Berrington and Owen Teale) that Stella - returning tonight for a second series - works as well as it does. In other hands, this relentlessly gentle comedy-drama would be intolerable. But Jones's obvious affection for her characters is counteracted by the occasional mischievous zinger, tonight mostly provided by Stella's Auntie Brenda in the time-honoured role of 'OAP who can say the unsayable'.

As we rejoin Stella in the Welsh valleys, we find her still confused over the identity of her imminent baby's father, and her extended family about to come home to roost. Elsewhere, Berrington and Teale are the pick of a solid supporting cast as Paula and Dai, their bedroom activities now compromised by Dai's new job at the funeral parlour.

Gabriel Tate, Time Out, 11th January 2013

Ruth Jones returns as the single mum from Pontyberry in this exceptional comedy drama. Stella's expecting, and unsure who the daddy is - lovely Shaun or her unreliable ex Rob. Meanwhile eldest son Luke has moved back to Canada with Rob to start a new life, and Auntie Brenda is back on a visit from Tenerife with a truckload of her unminced words to dish out to all and sundry. You care about the people, you want to know what happens next, and the acting is superb. Simple, effective storytelling.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 11th January 2013

A third run of Ruth Jones's lovable series has already been commissioned. And as we return to Pontyberry for series two, Stella's still in a bit of a dilemma.

She's 42, a grandmother, pregnant and not sure if the baby belongs to toyboy Sean or her first love, Rob, who's working away in Canada.

Perhaps Stella could ask her straight-talking Aunty Brenda for advice. This new arrival (played by Di Botcher) arrives from Tenerife in a shocking pink raincoat and with an even more shocking tendency to speak her mind, greeting Stella with the words every woman loves to hear: "Oooh. Haven't you put on weight!"

The big ensemble cast have plenty to keep them busy. Sunil's parents are so proud as they wave him off to become a doctor, little realising what medical students get up to.

Dai is working in the funeral parlour and when he's not having kinky sessions with Paula, he's practising his elegant glide.

And even for lollipop man Alan, the world refuses to stand still. Or, as Aunty Brenda would put it: "Now there's a man who's aged!"

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 11th January 2013

Ruth Jones steps out of Gavin & Stacey's shadow

There's only one topic of conversation that's sure to ruffle the feathers of the lovely Ruth Jones - namely Gavin & Stacey, the award-winning comedy she co-created with James Corden. Wearily, she confirms an American pilot might go ahead.

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Ruth Jones on the return of her comedy alter ego

As Stella Series 2 begins on Sky1, we talk to its creator and star Ruth Jones about how the show has taken over her life...

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 11th January 2013

Ruth Jones's beautifully observed comedy drama about a working mother in the Welsh valleys makes a welcome return. It picks up the story with Stella (Jones) and boyfriend Sean (Kenny Doughty) preparing for the arrival of their new baby, but Stella is having doubts as she's not sure whether Sean or Rob (Mark Lewis Jones), her ex who is now working in Canada, is the father.

Simon Horsford, The Telegraph, 10th January 2013

Rory Girvan interview: not the child you think he is

Rory Girvan, one of the stars of Ruth Jones's Sky1 sitcom, previews the new series...

Andrew Mickel, Such Small Portions, 10th January 2013

Ruth Jones: New Stella will be sexier than ever

Ruth Jones reveals her new series of Stella should come with a warning - as there's so much sex in it.

Anne Richardson, The Sun, 5th January 2013

Ruth Jones on perils of fame

Despite her huge success, writer and actress Ruth Jones, 46, still can't get her head around the "fame thing".

Rachael Bletchly, The Mirror, 1st January 2013

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