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Stella. Stella (Ruth Jones). Copyright: Tidy Productions.


Sky One comedy drama set around a community in Wales. 58 episodes (6 series), 2012 - 2017. Stars Ruth Jones, Patrick Baladi, Craig Gallivan, Catrin Stewart and others.

Next new episode is on Wednesday at 9pm. Series 6, Episode 6

Press Clippings

As with Gavin & Stacey, Ruth Jones is good at knowing when to walk away and leave us wanting more. And so it proves with her gentle but likable Sky comedy-drama, which takes its final bow this week. Stella is graduating, but she's not in the mood to celebrate just yet.

The Guardian, 13th October 2017

Ruth Jones interview

The Stella creator on comedy, James Corden and her farewell to Pontyberry.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 13th September 2017

Preview - Stella

Ruth Jones's comedy drama returns for one final series.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 13th September 2017

Compounding the fact that the comedy-drama isn't going anywhere (creator and star Ruth Jones told of "how cross" she was earlier this year over rumours it was facing the axe after five series), here's a festive special. As the season of goodwill approaches, it's a time for families coming together, with some new faces in Pontyberry (including folk singer Kate Rusby making a cameo), as well as a few familiar ones returning.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 23rd December 2016

What to expect from the Stella Christmas special

It's jolly but never twee - potty-mouthed Rhian and returning guest Scott Quinnell have put paid to any of that (the latter has Christmas-comedy line of the year).

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 7th December 2016

Stella is not ending yet, says Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones says more Stella is on the cards.

Kathryn Williams, Wales Online, 9th October 2016

Much like ITV's Doc Martin, this Welsh valleys-based comedy starring Ruth Jones is a reliable source of gentle laughs, U-rated drama and the odd celeb cameo. Indeed, while Martin Clunes and pals were joined by Sigourney Weaver last year, Robert Plant rocked up in the fictional south Wales town of Pontyberry last week. Things are a little less starry tonight, as the winners of forgotten reality contest Last Choir Standing come to Aunty Brenda's aid. Elsewhere, Stella tries to contact on/off flame Rob, and Michael is forced to compromise.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 1st March 2016

Radio Times review

Should we be worried? While work demands are keeping Stella and her fella apart, her ex, Rob, is very much on the scene, and a heart-to-heart shows there's still a bit of chemistry.

Meanwhile, Aunty Brenda is disappointed by her ceremony-free investiture as Mayor of Pontyberry - "Where's the pomp and circumcision?" - and then shocked by the sudden appearance of her old flame, Clem (Clive Russell).

Amid the bubbly flimflam of the dance competition and attendant romance is the well-acted grit of a big reveal.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 2nd February 2016

Radio Times review

The Frisky Fox is becoming to Pontyberry what the Queen Vic is to Walford. All human life is here, and anything of import happens within its walls. In this eventful episode the pub hosts a mayoral candidacy vote, an arranged marriage proposition, a Gamblers Anonymous meeting and a Star Trek-themed wake.

Writer Steve Speirs (the sadly absent Big Alan) even makes time for a love triangle for Jag and a get-together for Stella's returning ex, Rob. With further effortless comedy from Di Botcher as Aunty Brenda and a step-up in Strictly fever, it's an enjoyably breezy watch.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 26th January 2016

Radio Times review

Ruth Jones, here on writing duty, moves things along big time in an episode of ructions and revelations. Her title character is in London on a work trip and pays a surprise visit to Michael (Patrick Baladi). A big decision beckons, until a bolt from the blue scuppers everything.

Elsewhere, the Pontyberry mayor (Hi-de-Hi!'s Ruth Madoc!) pegs out in a council meeting, with ambitious Aunty Brenda waiting in the wings; Bobby has a drunken fling that has professional repercussions; and Jag makes a surprising discovery about his cleaner. In common with the best instalments, it's a delicious mix of sad and funny.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 19th January 2016

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