Star Stories. Copyright: Objective Productions.

Star Stories

Channel 4 sketch show. 15 episodes (3 series), 2006 - 2008. Stars Kevin Bishop, Steve Edge, Alex Woodhall, Laura Patch, Thaila Zucchi, Rhys Thomas, Oliver Maltman and others.

Series 3

Star Stories. Image shows from L to R: Gianni Versace (Alex Woodhall), Elton John (Kevin Bishop). Copyright: Objective Productions.

1. Elton John: Patron Saint Of Celebrities

First broadcast: Thursday 4th December 2008

Just how did Sir Elton become the Patron Saint of Celebrities? Could it be that his celebrity lifestyle of parties and spending led him to question his existence?

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Star Stories. Heather Mills (Dolly Wells). Copyright: Objective Productions.

2. Heather Mills

First broadcast: Thursday 11th December 2008

Heather Mills offers her side of the story in this look at her life with Paul McCartney.

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Star Stories. Image shows from L to R: Jordan (Daisy Beaumont), Peter Andre (Kevin Bishop). Copyright: Objective Productions.

3. Peter André And Jordan

First broadcast: Thursday 18th December 2008

The fairytale relationship of Peter André and Jordan (aka Katie Price) is finally told in this revealing look behind the scenes of their romance.

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Star Stories. Image shows from L to R: Kate Moss (Laura Patch), Johnny Depp (Tom Meeten). Copyright: Objective Productions.

4. Kate Moss

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th December 2008

How did Naomi Campbell help Kate Moss become a top model? Why was she attracted to all the wrong guys? What did Johnny Depp warn her to stay away from?

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Star Stories. Bono (Harry Peacock). Copyright: Objective Productions.

5. Bono

First broadcast: Friday 26th December 2008

Just how did Bono meet his three trusty disciples/band members? What did his Dad think of his beliefs that he could really change the world?

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