Revolting. Image shows from L to R: Heydon Prowse, Jolyon Rubinstein. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.


BBC Two sketch show follow-up to The Revolution Will Be Televised. 5 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Heydon Prowse, Jolyon Rubinstein, Ace Bhatti, Colin Hoult and others.

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Broadcast Awards 2018 comedy nominees

The nominations for the Broadcast Awards 2018 have been announced. Amongst the comedy-relation nominations, Taskmaster leads the list with two nods.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd November 2017

The last in the series of Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse's hidden-camera, people-trolling comedy finds them taking to the streets, donning more leaden personas and saying proactively awful things to the general public in order to film their baffled reactions. When they get access to targets actually worth lampooning, such as officials at the Chinese embassy, or MEPs in Strasbourg, the gags fall predictably flat. Farewell to this toothless, sub-Day Today guff.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 31st January 2017

The hit-and-miss showcase continues via sub-Brass Eye stunts and laboured skits. As per, Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse are rebels without a clear cause, darting from undercover nonsense to gratuitous new guises as TV cooks Toby and Toby, who peddle foie gras made by a former Guantánamo prison guard. Full of strangely insipid political takes, although thankfully there is nothing as crass as last week's forced-marriage "parody" on offer.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 24th January 2017

Ofcom will not investigate 'Real Housewives Of ISIS'

Ofcom has decided not to launch an investigation into the satirical BBC sketch that featured The Real Housewives Of ISIS.

Chortle, 23rd January 2017

Revolting: Isis sketch courageous, rest is lamentable

It's as if two teams were involved in making the show: Team Bold, and Team Utter Predictable BBC Crap.

James Delingpolee, The Spectator, 19th January 2017

Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein's trite, derivative prankster satire trundles on. In tonight's instalment, some Scots are unsurprisingly irritated by being called drunken savages. Britain First's Paul Golding is revealed to be a paranoid Islamophobe (hold the front page!). And, in a sketch that has the feel of someone attacking a tank with a spud gun, spoof tabloid hack Dale Maily (take that, Dacre!) pointlessly harasses some BBC employees. Lame.

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 17th January 2017

True enough, Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein aren't always funny. However, you can't deny that they fully throw themselves into their satirical interactions (as their pal Grant Shapps might concede). Getting stuck into some city gents and ladies as Labour canvassers has its moments. And their chutzpah as they waltz into a BHS and command staff to sell stock, so Philip Green can have a "truly bedazzling" fourth yacht, is an impressively off-kilter caper.

John Robinson, The Guardian, 10th January 2017

TV preview: Revolting, episode 2, BBC2

Nothing here to get the media into a froth then, but maybe I've missed something.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 10th January 2017

'They want Muslims to be offended, but we aren't'

BBC2 sketch "Real Housewives of Isis" has been criticised as 'morally bankrupt' but many say such satire is a British tradition and can help in fight against terrorists.

Alexandra Topping, The Guardian, 6th January 2017

Heydon Prowse: 2017 will totally Trump 2016

Heydon Prowse, one half of the political pranksters behind sketch shows Revolting and The Revolution Will Be Televised, takes a satirical poke at 2017.

Heydon Prowse, Metro, 5th January 2017