Plebs. Image shows from L to R: Jason (Jon Pointing), Grumio (Ryan Sampson), Marcus (Tom Rosenthal). Copyright: RISE Films.


ITV2 sitcom about three men living in Rome. 38 episodes (5 series), 2013 - 2019. Stars Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Jon Pointing, Tom Basden and others.

Another series is in development.
Series 4, Episode 5 is repeated tomorrow at 1:25am.


Played by: Tom Rosenthal
Plebs. Marcus (Tom Rosenthal). Copyright: RISE Films.

Unlikely to be immortalised in the annals or memorialised in a frieze, Marcus is a young man in Rome hoping to get laid, hold down a job and climb the social ladder.

Marcus is actually quite sensitive and caring, but normally manages to mess up his attempts to woo the opposite sex.


Played by: Ryan Sampson
Plebs. Grumio (Ryan Sampson). Copyright: RISE Films.

Grumio is Marcus and Stylax's slave. He's lazy with a major attitude problem, but still accompanies them everywhere, from the baths to the city's nightclubs.

With poor hygiene, low morale and a very lazy attitude to everything, Grumio is far from the ideal person for two lads looking to attract the ladies to hang around with... but he does prove to be useful sometimes.

Jason (Series 4-5)

Played by: Jon Pointing (as Jonathan Pointing)
Plebs. Jason (Jon Pointing). Copyright: RISE Films.

Jason is the newest member of the gang. When not trying to get someone to have sex with him, he works as a builder.


Played by: Tom Basden
Plebs. Aurelius (Tom Basden). Copyright: RISE Films.

Aurelius is the water boy at Flavia's office, although he does try to insist on being called the 'water man'. No matter, as it seems Flavia can never remember his name anyway.

One of the roles Aurelius must undertake is to supply water to Marcus and Stylax whilst they're working. This inevitably always leads to conflict... he's still trying to get over the fact the duo broke his water jug.

Gloria (Series 4-5)

Played by: Ellie Taylor
Plebs. Gloria (Ellie Taylor). Copyright: RISE Films.

Gloria owns the launderette next to the Crown and Toga. She and Marcus have a bit of on-and-off flirting going on.


Played by: Karl Theobald
Plebs. Landlord (Karl Theobald). Copyright: RISE Films.

The landlord - real name unknown - is always on the look out for ways to make money.

He collects rent from Marcus and Stylax, but also has a number of other business sidelines. If you need a gladiator match fixed, a black market item or an alibi then he can sort that out... for a price, of course.

Davus (Series 2-4)

Played by: Tom Davis
Plebs. Davus (Tom Davis). Copyright: RISE Films.

Davus is the Landlord's henchman. He's certainly built for the role.

Despite his seemingly gruff exterior, Davus is actually a kind, caring and sweet man... as we discover when he looks to adopt a child.

Landlady (Series 3-5)

Played by: Maureen Lipman
Plebs. Landlady (Maureen Lipman). Copyright: RISE Films.

The Landlady presides over the squalid block, located in the worst part of town, that the lads live in. She is even more dodgy than their Landlord, and is regularly looking for new ways to increase their rent.

Stylax (Series 1-3)

Played by: Joel Fry
Plebs. Stylax (Joel Fry). Copyright: RISE Films.

Like Marcus, Stylax is young and living in the suburbs of Rome. Stylax is energetic and highly sexed, and always up for an adventure. He manages to get himself into trouble quite often.

Stylax and Marcus work for Flavia, in a job that mainly involves copying scrolls out by hand.

Flavia (Series 1-4)

Played by: Doon Mackichan
Plebs. Flavia (Doon Mackichan). Copyright: RISE Films.

Flavia is the boys' boss. She's an expert manipulator with a private life that's the stuff of legend.

Flavia runs her business in a manner that perhaps later inspired Alan Sugar. She knows what she wants done - and she'll make sure it always happens.

It appears that Flavia is perhaps interested in Stylax in a sexual sense. Stylax better hope not - she'd probably eat him alive.

Delphine (Series 3)

Played by: Bella Dayne
Plebs. Delphine (Bella Dayne). Copyright: RISE Films.

Delphine is a fiery activist from Gaul who is in Rome to protest about the way animals are being treated during the games.

She meets Marcus when she needs a cover story to get away from a centurion. However, when the threat is over she still stays with Marcus, despite clearly being out of his league. She is now his official 'gaul-friend'.

Cynthia (Series 1-2)

Played by: Sophie Colquhoun
Plebs. Cynthia (Sophie Colquhoun). Copyright: RISE Films.

Cynthia catches the attention of Marcus when she moves into the flat next door to the boys in the first series, and continues to live there in the second series too.

Cynthia comes from Briton and is hoping to become an actress. She is a little naive about city living. In fact, she's perhaps a few brain cells short generally... as is evidenced by the fact she thinks that the deaths in gladiator matches is just good acting by those involved.

Metella (Series 1-2)

Plebs. Metella (Lydia Rose Bewley). Copyright: RISE Films.

Metella is Cynthia's sarcastic slave. She lived with Cynthia next door to the boy's flat in Series 1 and 2 and was very happy to speak her mind and point out flaws in the people and plans she came across... an attitude the lads don't find particularly welcome most of the time.